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Surf in safety month by month at a special price

Regular CyberGhost Basic users already know that CyberGhost VPN can free you from that uneasy feeling of having to rely on the state or your ISP and gives you security, anonymity and protection from identity theft, particularly if you are an occasional surfer.

This is the best way of combining high performance with ease-of use. For only €7.99 per month, we are offering you the complete premium service.

With the CyberGhost special subscription at €7.99, you can move safely and anonymously through the Internet every month and enjoy easy, high-speed surfing, secure in the knowledge that no one is eavesdropping on you.

Conditions: The special subscription covers an unlimited period and does not need to be renewed every month. In other words, you will be charged the special price every month and do not need to move to the standard price of €9.99 when the subscription expires. If you want to go back to the basic service in future, that’s easy too. You can terminate your special subscription giving just a month’s notice. But let’s be honest, will you really want to?

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