Our Bucharest NoSpy servers to go under maintenance, but for a good cause

The Ghostie team has grown over the years and we now need a bigger (and of course cooler) brand new office with enough room for everybody. That is why we’ve already packed our bags and we’ll move everything between March 10th and 13th.

No worries, Ghosties! The magic will still happen, but in a way cooler location, worthy of digital freedom fighters. Stay tuned for more!

However, since we’re taking our NoSpy Servers with us, they will become unavailable during the above-mentioned period (so only for 3 days). Everything else will work just fine, though, so continue using your favorite VPN throughout all your favorite online activities, just like before.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you, but the world’s first NoSpy servers will be back in no time, and they will protect your online identity from an even more secure location.

We know that you’ll forgive us though, especially because as soon as we get settled in our new headquarters, we’ll update you with pictures. Make sure to also follow us on our social media channels so that you never miss a CyberGhost update: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google Plus.

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Corina Dobre

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  • My online surveys, reviews and opinions (there have been many) have come to the conclusion that the best providers in security and transparency is NordVPN and Cyberghost. Why should I choose you and not them (I asked the same question for them). I’m undecided … Thankyou!

    • Hi John! Well, first of all, unlike NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN can be installed and used for free. That’s because we want absolutely everybody out there to have access to the free Internet and also protect their online identity. If you want extra features, such as ad-blocking or data compression, CyberGhost also offers you the option of a Premium subscription, which you can now purchase for just $2.5 per month (special spring promo – for details click here), I see that NordVPN asks for $11,95 per month, so consistently more. We also have more servers that you can connect to (902 vs. 746). It’s all up to you, really, but we see a clear advantage on CyberGhost’s side. 🙂 Cheers and have a good day! PS: if you have further questions, we’re here.

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