to be blocked in Turkey, according to court order

A Turkish court has ordered the travel website to be blocked in a dispute with the country’s main travel agency association, Turkey’s state-run news agency reported on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press (quoted by ABC News).

The Anadolu Agency reported that a commercial court in Istanbul ordered the move against as a “precautionary measure” while the case is ongoing.

Lawyers for the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies had argued that Netherlands-based was engaging in unfair competition in the marketing of hotels in Turkey.

Anadolu said that government authorities are expected to block access to the website as soon as they receive official notification from the court.

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In a written statement, representatives showed their disapproval of the decision: “As an e-commerce and technology company, we are convinced that we contribute to healthy competition in the market by offering Turkish consumers a transparent and easy platform to compare and book accommodation all over the world,” the company said.

It added that also helps 13,000 Turkish businesses offer accommodation to consumers.


How to access if you are in Turkey

Should this court order be acknowledged by government authorities, here’s what you need to do:

On Android and iOS devices, download CyberGhost for free and activate a profile of choice. You will be assigned with a new IP, from a different country, where CyberGhost has servers. Since none of these servers are located in Turkey, you will be able to access freely.


On your Windows desktop device, we recommend downloading CyberGhost. Then click on the Unblock Basic Websites profile and afterwards select from the list.

Step 1:

Step 2:

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