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Why is online security essential?

A great part of our lives happens online, so protecting our privacy and feeling secure are now crucial for our daily online activities.

It’s also true that this sense of online security needs to be educated because not everyone is aware of the risks they are exposed to.

Navigating online can be compared to a simple walk on the street and depending on where you choose to walk, the risks may differ. Thieves can steal your wallet, aggressive campaigns force you into buying all sort of products, people may trick you by manipulating information and the list goes on.

How to protect your privacy and keep safe at the same time

Unlike real life, technology comes with the big advantage of offering efficient solutions that diminish the risks and protect your life while clearing up the path for you.

An IP acts as your ID card to identify you online. Why should you hide your IP?

Because exposing your identity online makes you vulnerable to identity theft, blocks your access to geo-restricted content and restricts your free access to the internet. You’re not showing your ID card to everyone on the street, so why should you do this online?

CyberGhost offers 3 options that will meet anyone’s needs. The Free plan gives you everything you need from a VPN at no costs, with no trial version or testing period. The Premium adds up some features and the Premium Plus will take you the next level of online privacy.

A free internet thanks to a free VPN

CyberGhost is the company that constantly fights for a free internet and the right to online privacy and security. A VPN is the protection you would love to have on the street as well. CyberGhost delivers the security you need, free of charge.

Since using a trustworthy VPN is very important for your online integrity, CyberGhost offers an all-inclusive free service.

The free version delivers all the important features of a VPN.

  • Hides your IP
  • Encrypts your connection
  • Prevents online tracking by removing all spies
  • Protects you against malicious websites
  • Frees the internet for you

These are the basic needs that CyberGhost fulfills through its free service. As a free user, you have access to 240 servers in 15 countries, which is more than you would ever get with a free VPN service.

CyberGhost is constantly doing its best to deliver high-quality free services because we believe everyone should have access to information and the internet through a secure and private connection. These have now become basic human rights that, unfortunately, are still ignored in many countries.

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Why pay the extra penny for full privacy benefits

The development and quality of the free service depend greatly on the paid service, which offers some extra benefits for those who need additional features.

What are the extras you can get as a premium or Premium Plus user?

  • It’s worth it if you have several devices and you want simultaneous protection on all of them (up to 5 devices for Premium Plus subscription)
  • Minimizes online manipulation through commercials by removing all the annoying ads
  • Doubles the benefits: access to more than 600 servers in 30 countries
  • Gives you extra speed, thanks to up to 5 times faster servers
  • Adds extra security by forcing HTTPS automatically
  • Gives you the possibility to minimize mobile data costs through data compression

Deciding if you prefer a free VPN or a premium subscription is just a personal preference that depends on your needs.

The most important thing is to protect yourself wherever and whenever because the VPN will soon become an indispensable accessory for you online lifestyle.

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