Author - Robert Knapp, CEO

CyberGhost joins the Crossrider group

Dear friends of CyberGhost,

In 2011, I started the CyberGhost company in Bucharest, Romania, together with a small team of 7 dedicated and very enthusiastic young people who took on sales, marketing, and  administrative roles. We also had 2 developers in Germany. We only had a little bit of money in our account, but we had a bold vision: we wanted to change the way people access the internet, because we believed that privacy and security must go together. That was it. That was all we had in our humble beginnings: a good team, a great idea and a lot of enthusiasm.

Now, 6 years later, I can only  conclude that the CyberGhost story was incredibly successful: we built one of the world’s leading VPN services with 179.000 paying subscribers and more than 1.5 million active users a month. We offer this service free of charge to those who are in urgent need of privacy and we deliver amazing Premium features to our paying customer base, who – in most cases – thus show their support for our mission to bring online privacy back.

We grew from a very small team of 7 to a 7 times bigger team of 50 digital freedom enthusiasts who are right now fully dedicated to build the best VPN service out there. We still operate from our headquarters in Bucharest, Romania while the technology continues to be “Made in Germany” in our growing R&D center in Übach-Palenberg, near Aachen, Germany.

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Online Privacy and Security – A look into 2016


What we have learned from 2015 – malware, hacks, state sponsored attacks, shaming and black mail

In 2015, 38% more security incidents were reported than in 2014. Some of them have been the headlines of major media outlets. The Ashley Madison hack revealed 37 million identities and intimate details followed by lawsuits proving the importance of data security and privacy. Last Pass hack in June 2015 is another example of how 7 million users can lose sensitive data and trust. Not only companies were affected by security breaches, the hack on the US federal records exposed the identity of more than 14 million current and former civilian US government employees.

2015 has also brought the first smart car hack as well as the first ransomware for Linux users. Also, 2015 was the year of ransomware attacks making 179,209 victims, counted only by security company Kaspersky.

Interestingly enough, more than 62% of exploits used in cyberattacks are distributed through browsers and 90% of the most common World Wide Web exploits are delivered from advertising networks.

All these developments have been the focus of CyberGhost in the past year. Although we are a privacy company, we have introduced protection against malicious websites as well as the ad blocker feature. In this way we can ensure a smooth and safe online experience.

What to expect in 2016

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CEO-Blog: The story behind my tin foil hat video

Tin foil hat

If you think a tin foil hat makes you look silly, I totally approve that. And if you wonder how I came to this point, here’s the story:

As Edward Snowden exposed the NSA program Prism, I was surprised to find out that reality is far worse than any science fiction scenario or conspiracy theory. Even as a co-founder and CEO of a VPN company, I found the scale of these operations through an US government agency hard to believe until everything was confirmed and approved. Then, the first picture that popped into my mind were these people wearing tin foil hats designed to block their thoughts from being intercepted and  controlled. And for the first time I could really empathize with them.

Then, it all got even worse with Tempora, the program assigned with the full record of all internet traffic through the British secret service, GCHQ.  And from there on it was pretty clear that Prism and Tempora are just small pieces of the puzzle and maybe by the end we’ll all end up wearing tin foil hats.

The next level was to realize that our politicians are either not willing or able to defend our basic human rights, such as privacy. Then I heard Barak Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate reacting to the scandal by stating that we can’t have 100% security and 100% privacy. In other words, we all should have 0% privacy to maybe get a bit more security. Hans-Peter Uhl, the German spokesman for interior security of the CDU/CSU faction in the Bundestag says that the state anyway can’t help and people should encrypt their data by their own, if they want to have privacy. Sounded like they were making fun of each and every single one of us.

I talked to a lot of people in the last weeks about the above mentioned topics and I got a lot of replies, ranging from “yes, I always knew that” or “Your fault, if you use Facebook” to“I have nothing to hide” – but one reaction was always the same: “What can we do? Nothing.” And I thought that this is not true. We can do something. We can’t wear a tin foil hat. Or we shouldn’t. Seriously, that thing looks silly. But CyberGhost VPN is a great tool for locking your metadata away from this massive violation of privacy! Use it instead of a tin foil hat and take your privacy seriously.

And in response to that I put my tin foil hat on to show the world that a VPN works like a charm:

 Tin Foil Hat Video

Don’t forget: Here at CyberGhost, we believe that privacy is for everyone and with our current campaign, we’ve been striving to make it accessible and convenient.

You just have to go on, decide how much your privacy is worth to you and we deliver you 12 month of CyberGhost VPN with no questions asked.

CEO-Blog: We Protect People

Hey Ghosties,

It’s now my second year as CyberGhost’s CEO. Since CyberGhost VPN started in 2004 and then moved to Bucharest, Romania to settle our headquarters here, our service grew from a few hundred users to more than 2 Million people with around 200.000 unique users logging in to our network every single month. In 2004 CyberGost developed from a two men show into a staff of more than 20 employees in various different countries. Every single day, around 3.000 new CyberGhost accounts are created, delivering us a constant growth and market expansion.

We released a small video (4:48) in which our team talks about the reasons for using CyberGhost VPN.

“We doubled our growth rate.”

Our mission is to protect the digital lives of people all over the world and give them free access to blocked and censored information. Over the past month we have made a good deal of progress. We have rebuilt our Free and Premium VPN services, added a new login server infrastructure and brought our service to Smartphones and Tablets by adding PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. to our Premium subscription. CyberGhost VPN is the first VPN provider with a truly Free VPN service without ads or traffic/bandwidth limitations, worldwide. The changes were obviously successful: We doubled our growth rate.

“We evolve into an “Amazon AWS” for VPN.”

I am more convinced than ever that CyberGhost VPN has now the basics and assets for becoming a truly meaningful global player in the field of online security. Our strategy is to evolve on the long term into an “Amazon AWS” for VPN. We work right now on an amazing API that will allow everybody to build great Apps based on our award winning VPN technology. Next step is to launch the new CyberGhost VPN Version 5 based on that API until End of June 2013.

“We protect people and not devices.”

A 100% rewriting on the whole code is right now executed by our developers. Following our mission of protecting people and not devices, we already switched our license model making it possible for you to use our Premium Plus product on different devices from one up to 5 simultaneous connections per license. Cyberghost VPN Version 5 will come with clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android to cover both PC and mobile environments with more malleability than at the moment.

We work on a complete new UI experience that will be the same on PC as also on a touchscreen device. Our goal is that a new user is able to download, install and use our product in less than 4 minutes. It will deliver you a “one click” solution that just connects to our service and allows choosing from different profiles like: “High Speed”, “Unblocking Content”, “High Encryption”, “Wireless Protection” or “Manual”. You can see here first screenshots from our alpha version.

Here we go for the new UI of CyberGhost VPN 5

  CyberGhost VPN 5

CyberGhost VPN 5

And another Version for the new UI:

CyberGhost VPN 5

We will soon open a special page for Version 5 enthusiasts where you will be able to subscribe to an early bird list for receiving a beta version in a few weeks.

As the CyberGhost VPN story continues, I wish to thank you, our users, for your constant trust and support over the years. We live in exciting times and with your help we can manage to make what is personal stay personal and safe – even and especially in the internet– and help you unblock information that is not available without using our service.

Best regards

Robert Knapp
Co-founder and CEO


Welcome to the new CyberGhost VPN

As you all noticed, we now switched to our new CyberGhost VPN and offer you a Free VPN service with unlimited traffic that allows you to surf the web safe and sound wherever you are.

Our CyberGhost Premium VPN service allows you to access the internet through one of our 150 servers in 19 countries without any bandwith limitations. You have also access to L2TP/IPSec and PPTP to use your CyberGhost VPN on nearly any device you can think of.

We changed the tariff plan, so it’s easier for you to understand and decide for one of the two types of paid subscriptions: Premium and Premium Plus. Currently, our free service covers the basic needs, making a Classic subscription unnecessary.

To celebrate the kickoff of the new CyberGhost VPN, we offer you the 12 Month subscription for a limited amount of time for $39,99 instead of $69,99 and our CyberGhost Premium Plus for $69,99 instead of $109,99.

Right now we are working on the server park to add more servers, optimize the speed and bring back the VIP servers. The VIP servers should be back next week, latest, after they’ve been reconfigured in our dry-dock. Today we added some new servers to our Free Proxy, so we have right now five locations to choose from.

We also ordered a lot of new servers. That means that our server park will grow in the next month, especially in the USA, France and UK.

We also installed a new login sever infrastructure. We work now with a load balancer and a couple of login servers behind that who all access a database cluster. So we shouldn’t have any login problems in the future and can grow without any trouble.

The new CyberGhost VPN: More power – less charges!

Permanent traffic flatrate for all CyberGhost VPN subscriptions

Right now, CyberGhost VPN is heading towards 2 Million users, getting more and more popular all over the world. The company started in 2004, in Germany, moved to Romania  in 2011 and right now, our customers are spread all over the world. While in the beginning most of them came from Germany, today the biggest user-group is from US, followed by Germany, France, the Russian Federation and UK, but also by Countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia or the Philippines. We are glad that our users gave us the chance to develop from a local service provider to an international company with more than 20 employees (and still growing).

CyberGhost VPN is still dedicated to one thing: We want to provide you with the best VPN-service that is legally and technically possible. And for that we decided to say goodbye to some old limitations in our service and introduce some new features:

Traffic flat rate: CyberGhost VPN has no longer a traffic limitation for the free- or promo-subscriptions, or for the paid services. That’s true for all our new subscribers, but also for all our existing users. No matter if you are a Classic-, Premium-, Premium Plus- or a Promo-User, we keep the service unlimited. In the next days, you will receive updates of our client and the online user control panel where you will no longer find a traffic overview. Say bye bye to the traffic limit!

Bandwidth: We will increase the bandwidth for all our paid users and decrease it for our free users. The new limitation for the paid users is very easy to get because there will be no artificial limitation anymore. The limit is in future related to the internet connection speed of the user on the one hand and on the other hand on the uplink of our VPN servers. Regarding the uplink-speed, we will try to provide you with a minimum or rather an average speed of 6 Mbit/s on a regular Premium-Server.

In future, we give everybody the possibility to access the web safe and secure by offering our free service with a 1 Mbit/s-limitation – that is enough speed to surf the web and to see videos in a web-optimized format.

Server locations: We want to make things easy in the future. All our paid users will have access to all locations where we run servers plus the guarantee that all paid users get also access to all servers we add during their contract period. Premium Plus users will have additional access to an extended server park with high security servers. These servers are especially configured for providing a higher security level (for example a 256bit encryption).

Because of the fact that our existing VIP-servers as high speed-only servers make no sense any longer since all users have unlimited bandwidth and since we optimize all server on speed, we change all existing VIP-servers settings to the new high security-settings.

Premium users can auto-connect to a server next to their location or they choose their server manually by selecting it from our server list. Free users will have access to a basic server park and get automatically connected.

Protocols: Our free service provides a basic protection for a user on his PC, but does not provide a 360 degrees solution for someone’s digital life. That’s what we want to offer, along with our paid plans – protect our costumers wherever they are, regardless which device they use. All paid subscriptions contain the necessary protocols to protect our users on PCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets and so on. We support OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP.

On a Premium account you can connect to a single device at the same time, our Premium Plus subscriptions gives you the freedom to be online on up to 5 devices at the same time.

We decided also to leave out our Classic subscription and lower the prices for our updated Premium from 79,99 EUR to 49,99 EUR and our Premium Plus from 118,99 EUR to 79,99 EUR.

What happens with our old subscribers? Well, our existing users benefit from most of the changes. There will be no bandwidth and traffic limitation any longer. All paid users will get access to all our protocols like Open VPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. Existing Premium Plus users will be updated to the new Premium Plus subscription.

We will gradually launch the changes until Friday and we are sure they will improve your whole internet-surfing experience.


Update from 08. February 2013:

So, if you ever thought about leveling up to a paid user, maybe now is the right time to do it. Click here to go to our purchase page.

Note: Also our existing Premium users will be updated to the new Premium subscription.

CyberGhost VPN now with L2TP/IPsec support

It’s January and the CyberGhost team tries its best to keep its New Year’s resolutions and offer you the best tool for guarding your privacy, freedom and security in the online environment. Recently we started adding new features and improving as much as possible the old ones, as I am sure you noticed these days.

After the facelift of the website, the new IPs and the implementation of PPTP to all the servers, it felt like there was still room for improvement. So, we really wondered what we could do this time to surprise you in a pleasant way, and after we gave it a thought, we came up with an idea.

We launched a new protocol L2TP/IPsec which uses the highest encryption, comes with a built-in support for PCs, mobile devices and tablets, and can be used along with Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, Android and Linux.

We hope you have a great time using it and we look forward to hearing your feedback along with new ideas and suggestions.

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