Aussies, mark “Get a VPN Day” with CyberGhost

Starting today, Australian ISPs (Internet Service Providers) begin metadata harvest. The law forces internet providers and telecommunications companies to keep and store information generated by customers calling, texting or using the internet.

According to Australian digital rights activists “Digital Rights Watch“, this data collection program requires no warrants, has very little oversight and has received condemnation from human rights experts worldwide.

That is why today has been declared a national day of action or “Get a VPN Day“, an opportunity through which citizens can educate themselves about the scale of this surveillance and take all the necessary measures to protect themselves.

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Why you should download and use CyberGhost today

A VPN such as CyberGhost is the best way to keep your personal data private and protected, because:

1. The IP address assigned to you by your ISP is replaced with one from CyberGhost, which you will share with other users, so it will be impossible to be associated with you. You become anonymous. You become untraceable.

2. With CyberGhost, you can prevent identity theft. We live in an online environment where hackers are a real threat and can steal the personal details you gave your ISP. Encrypt your online activity and stay safe from hackers with CyberGhost. 

3. Hackers can also use your IP address to send spyware/malware or other harmful viruses to your computer which in turn can allow them full access to your personal data. Prevent spyware and malware with CyberGhost. 

4. When you shop online, your recorded IP address can be retrieved by hackers and used to gain access to your computer or to monitor your online activities.  Shop online safely with CyberGhost.

5. Some websites store your IP address and email address when you visit their site and then use this information to spam your computer or email with ads. Prevent spam with CyberGhost.

Keep your personal information private and download CyberGhost for free today.

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Corina Dobre

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