Apple Fans, CyberGhost is Here to Protect You!

Do you own a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone? Then choose CyberGhost VPN to protect yourself online!

We’ve got the apps you need for full online anonymity, help you unlock content and apps you love (Netflix, Skype, YouTube, BBC and many many more can be unlocked with just one click).

We’re here to keep you safe from online bad guys. Download CyberGhost VPN for Mac, iPad or iPhone today!

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  • Hey the iOS app doesn’t seem to work the way it should with iOS 8. There’s a log-in error and the cyberghostvpn certificate (in the profile) expired many months ago.

    • Hey Jonah,

      Sorry to hear that. We’ve just tested it and it works well for us. Can you please drop a ticket to Don’t worry about the certificate, it will be renewed with the next API update! Cheers!

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