How to Turn On Anti Browser Fingerprinting


Today we’re going to show you how to make use of a very cool CyberGhost feature that’s aimed at keeping your privacy on the web as intact as possible.

You may have heard of browser fingerprinting before. Or you may know that some info about your browser gets sent to the websites you visit, but don’t know that the name for that is browser fingerprinting.

However little/much you know about it, here’s the gist:

  • browser fingerprinting means that websites mine your browser for info that’s used to track your online behaviour, learn about you, and then serve you customized ads
  • the data websites collect includes screen resolution & colours, the add-ons you have installed, whether you have Flash and/or JavaScript enabled, browser version, language, time zone etc
  • even if you delete your cookies, the browser fingerprint does not get deleted, so websites know if you’ve visited them before

Now that you know what browser fingerprinting is, let’s see how CyberGhost can help you block it in only a few clicks.

First, you need to open CyberGhost and go to Settings (click the gear icon in the top-right corner).

Anti Fingerprinting 1

Then you need to click on the Privacy Control tab.

Anti Fingerprinting 2

The first thing you’ll see are the Anti Fingerprinting settings.

Check both boxes: Change browser language with server location & Change info about operating system and browser version to and then choose your desired OS from the drop-down list.

Anti Fingerprinting 3

Anti Fingerprinting 4

Click OK and that’s it, you’re done! Now no website will know what browser you’re really using and won’t be able to track your every move online.

Pretty cool, right? Now go tell all your friends:)

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