Anonymization service CyberGhost VPN reveals winner of the 500,000th user prize.

Internet anonymization service CyberGhost VPN reaches a new milestone in its history.
S.A.D. has passed the 500,000 user mark in next to no time. It therefore decided to splash out, which meant that the 500,000th registered user was given a luxury weekend worth EUR 500. This included a top-class hotel, a meal in the finest Italian restaurant, along with a superb program of evening entertainment, and anything else you need to make you feel like one of the top 500,000.

The CyberGhost VPN winner is shown in the picture

The CyberGhost VPN winner is shown in the picture

If you want to find out more about who the CyberGhost VPN winner is, how he received his prize at S.A.D.’s head office in Ulm and how he spent his day in Ulm, going out to eat, in his hotel and sightseeing, watch the fotostory:

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