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Constant changes of data protection laws not in our benefit

Remember how you were told that “no one can take your memories from you”? Well, today, what you thought was your own with no access to anyone else seems to have become a myth. It appears data is the most valuable commodity, along with so many mass-surveillance attempts proposed by governments from different countries.

Let’s take the U.S. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) policy that plans to make a thorough check of immigrants, including monitoring their social media activity. This method will help immigration officials decide who “deserves” to enter their country and who doesn’t.

Ok, your memories or personal information will not be erased, but knowing that other people can do whatever they want with that information is worrisome to say the least.

So, what was once a routine check in which immigration officers looked into nationality, country of residence, if your name is listed on a sanctions list and so on, now becomes a thorough monitoring of your online activities. Totally weird, right?

Farewell freedom of expression

What we used to know about the United States as the land of freedom doesn’t seem to be real anymore. At least not in terms of freedom of speech and expression. America’s core values referring to individual freedom, equality of opportunity and eternal optimism that once traveled around the world, are hard to believe these days.

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