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How to save money with CyberGhost VPN and get the best online deals

Prices vary depending on many factors, from the time of year, device you use to make your purchase to the location you’re browsing from. This is valid for airline ticketing companies, hotel booking websites, car rental services, streaming services, games and so on.

For instance, when it comes to airline tickets, time-wise, the biggest fares can be found when children are off school. Also, the more we look for tickets to a certain destination, the more will that price increase, as it will show growing interest on our behalf.

Bypass the price steering strategy used by e-commerce websites

E-commerce websites also use a technique called “price steering”. Thus, PC users will get a different price from those using iOS devices. For example, Travelocity offered an unadvertised $15 discount for people using Apple’s iOS operating system. The OS we use can be easily identified by webmasters via the fingerprints our browsers leave.

Furthermore, fares also vary depending on location. This can be easily checked if you activate CyberGhost VPN and go to a ticketing website such as

Upon looking for tickets from the UK to the US, we got a staggering difference of 91.44 GBP when we looked for tickets from Romania, with a local IP, vs. the UK, with an IP generated by CyberGhost.

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Place your bets and watch this fall’s sports events with CyberGhost VPN

Autumn is the season to be jolly because you have the chance to watch awesome sport events with the help of CyberGhost VPN.

We know that regardless of personal and professional responsibilities, you can always find the time to watch your favorite team play the ball… or whatever else. We’re here to support you and help you out by accessing online live sports.

Whether you’re on the go or your cable TV does not offer the sports event due to potential TV channel restrictions, CyberGhost VPN can take care of that for you. We’ll give you a different IP address, so you can successfully visit geo-restricted websites. You can watch your favorite sport event on your PC, Android TV, tablet or smartphone.

Don’t miss out on the next big sport event: 2018 Russia World Cup Qualification

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