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Weekly News Roundup: Apple vs FBI & Other News

Last week brought privacy into the spotlight once again. The Tim Cook/Apple vs FBI battle has evolved into more security for iCloud users, selfies will serve for authorizing online payments, Microsoft Silverlight is vulnerable once again and encrypted messaging app Telegram has reached 100 million users. Read More

CyberGhost’s Transparency Report 2015

The Transparency Report 2015 offers insights of various requests to disclose the identity of CyberGhost’s users, even though the company does not keep logs.

In the report, data is analyzed and correlated with different internal and external events to better understand the requests and the importance of privacy to CyberGhosts users. Read More

Why hiding your IP in 2016 is a great idea

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) has become in 2016 an integrated part of the daily online experience of internet users around the world. 70% of online users said in a recent global report they are using regularly a VPN.

Although media or some journalist still refer to VPNs as a niche market, it is clearly gone mainstream in the last 2 years for some well-grounded reasons: Read More

Use LinkNYC wireless public network from New York in a secured way


Credit: The Verge

New Yorkers have a new subject to talk about!

A network of Wi-Fi public hubs will replace over 7,500 pay phones across the entire New York with new street hubs called Links.

The first Links were launched, and there are many more to come, helping more than 8 million people to connect to the fastest and free metropolitan Wi-Fi.

Even more, according to PC magazine, the speed of these Wi-Fi’s is really super fast, gigabite internet, faster than Starbucks they say, so whatch out, Starbucks.

Cool facts about Link networks: Read More

Beta-Update CyberGhost VPN

Ab sofort zum Download verfügbar: Update auf CyberGhost Beta. 

Mit Version erscheint eine weitere Beta für unsere Tester. Sie aktualisiert in erster Linie die verwendete OpenVPN-Version auf 2.3.10 und enthält die letzten OpenSSL-Fixes sowie ein Anzahl kleinerer Bugfixes.

Größte augenfällige Änderung ist der Wegfall aller Privatsphären-Einstellungen im ehemaligen Privacy-Control-Tab. Die Funktion ist nun im ‘Online-Tracking verhindern’-Feature enthalten, das im Home-Bildschirm aktiviert werden kann.

Wie erhalte ich die aktuelle Beta?

Die aktuelle Beta kann über den Update-Channel bezogen werden. Hierzu aktiviere bitte in den Einstellungen zum Programm im Register ‚Allgemein‘ die Option ‚Beta-Updates installieren‘.


Sollte das Update zu Problemen führen, deinstalliere bitte die Beta, installiere die neueste stabile Version von der Homepage und stelle sicher, dass die ‘Installiere Beta’-Option wieder deaktiviert ist.

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