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Out with the old, in with the private

With so many changes happening in the world right now, it’s time to take privacy matters into your own hands.

Start ticking resolutions off your list and get your Premium/Premium Plus subscription, at a special, start-of-the-year 57% discount, valid only between December 28th 2016 and January 15th 2017.

Take this simple initiative now for a whole year of benefits:

  • Extra speed thanks to 5x faster servers
  • Apps for Android and iOS, included
  • No annoying ads
  • Access to more than 700 servers in 30 countries
  • Mobile data cost reduction through data compression
  • All of the above, on 5 different devices

The future is here. In 2017, your online activity should interest no one else but yourself.

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2016 in review: TOP 10 online privacy milestones

If we were to describe 2016 in terms of privacy, it was neither good, nor bad. It was probably somewhere in between. Just when we thought we won some battles, new enemies emerged, armed with even more advanced weapons.

What is however important is that, slowly but surely, people are starting to be more aware of their ideally innate right to online privacy and are starting to fight for it.

So here are 10 of the most important privacy highlights of 2016*:

  1. The Pokémon GO frenzy

The Pokémon GO bug traveled fast and faded away just as quickly. Everyone seemed to be out on a hunt around the town this summer, but no one seemed to pay any attention to the permissions they were giving the intrusive app. If you’re still enjoying this game, here are 10 tips for staying private.

  1. WhatsApp with your privacy?

At the end of August, WhatsApp announced a change in their ToS, by sharing the phone numbers of users with Facebook. Upon doing so, they claimed they were fighting spam and increasing business-to-consumer communication. There is however a hidden way out of this.

  1. The rise of fake news in social media feeds

In light of Donald Trump’s recent election, many fingers have been pointed at Facebook’s potential contribution. Here’s how to stay safe from the daily cavalcade of alarming headlines thrown in our direction.

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Surprises keep rolling in: 80 more CyberGhost servers

The “Good News Wednesday” series continues with yet another blockbuster sequel: we have added 80 more servers to our park, which has now reached a staggering total of 815!

Here is the detailed list of freshly released servers:

  • Czech Republic (Prague – S10)
  • Belgium (Brussels – S02)
  • France (Paris – S12, S13, S14, S15)
  • Iceland (Reykjavik – S02)
  • Canada (Toronto – S04)
  • Norway (Oslo – S04)
  • Germany (Berlin – S03)
  • UK (London – S11, S12  and Manchester – S10, S11, S12, S13, S14 and S15)
  • Italy (Milan – S07)
  • USA (Los Angeles – S10)

All servers are Premium. To upgrade, simply click here and take advantage of our special holiday discounts.

To find out precisely where all our servers are located and what their user load is, go to our website.

Ghostie’s Weekly Digest: Stricter privacy rules for Facebook and more

Even if the winter holidays are just around the corner and a breeze of hope and optimism seems to be in the air, privacy issues are happening at their usual pace. Here is what caught our attention in this week:

Snooper’s Charter already claims first victims

Hackers appear to already be exploiting the infamous Snooper’s Charter, by promoting fake privacy solutions to worried older Internet users across the UK, according to

In a recent survery, forty-four percent of over-55s said they would consider downloading software to protect themselves from government in a recent survey.

However, a VPN such as CyberGhost is the solution at-hand recommended by security experts.

Potentially stricter privacy rules for Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype

Popular platforms such as Google, Facebook and WhatsApp face a strict new privacy crackdown from the EU, as per some new proposals leaked from the European Commission.

The rules would force websites and browsers to ask for users’ consent before directing advertising at them based on their browser history. Users currently have to actively opt out of receiving such advertisements.

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Good News Wednesday: 28 more servers in 4 countries

With Christmas around the corner, we can’t help delivering goodies your way.

Get ready to navigate to the locations of your choice even faster, because we have 28 more Premium server instances*, in 4 different countries:

  • 4 in UK (London – S07, S08, S09 and S10)
  • 1 in Spain (Madrid – S07)
  • 1 in Austria (Vienna – S03)
  • 1 in Hungary (Budapest – S02)

Give them all a go and unblock all the content that you love!

*a server is made of 4 instances

5 of your friends who desperately need a VPN for Xmas

Christmas is right around the corner and we’re all looking for innovative gift ideas for our most demanding of friends. But there just might be an easier and more at-hand way out of this. A Premium subscription for CyberGhost VPN could be just what your friends need underneath their Xmas tree if they fit the following descriptions:

  1. The foodie with a passion for sharing

We all know someone in this category. These foodie friends are so passionate with the art of fine and healthy dining that they’ve created dedicated blogs/social media channels with their very own recipes or food recommendations.

Since they’re so active online, they need to protect their original content from hackers and use public WiFis safely using a one-tap VPN solution, such as CyberGhost.

  1. The omnipresent photographer

It’s hard not to have a photographer friend these days.

This line of work often requires sharing copyright-protected materials, on dedicated websites or through various messaging systems.

With CyberGhost VPN (also available for iOS), photographers can easily encrypt their online activity and keep their work safe. They will surely appreciate this practical gift.

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These holidays, the only thing that should be public is your letter to Santa

The winter holidays are just around the corner, which means that soon enough, we’ll be doing plenty of online shopping, travelling and social media browsing. The Christmas and New Year’s cheer may get us into a mood for sharing, but we recommend limiting our enthusiasm to the offline world. Online privacy is the way to go, even when we’re in a celebratory mood.

Here are 3 tips and tricks for a merry and headache-free holiday season:


  1. Even Santa is coming online this year, but he’s taking some safety measures

… you’d better do the same, or you may end up on his naughty list! (just kidding)

Seriously now, although gift shopping is so much easier when you don’t have to stand in line, it does come with some safety risks, such as cyber fraud. Using a VPN (a.k.a. Virtual Private Network, a great tool for online privacy and for unblocking geo-restricted content), you will force “https” URLs and enable safe online payments.

Our recommendation for an efficient and easy to use VPN is CyberGhost, which we also tried on more devices, and it did the job. It can also be a practical gift idea for people who are always online. Ring any bells? Another tip: you must pry phones out of their hands, even when it’s freezing outside. 

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  1. Fight for your right to share, but choose not to

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