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Upcoming Servers Maintenance

As you know, our servers are regularly maintained so they are equipped with software updates and the newest technologies available on the market.

The actual reason for the current maintenance is an upgrade of the Debian operating system. For this purpose, different servers have to be taken down from the network at different times. The following list provides information about which server will be off on which day and at what time.

Please have in mind that the duration of the maintenance can be between four and five hours. We kindly ask you to switch to another server during that time.

We apologize for the inconveniences this may cause you.

Server Name

            Planned Maintenance Time

Amsterdam-S01-N01 Saturday, 24th of May, 10:00 AM CET
Bucharest-S02-N01 Saturday, 24th of May, 10:00 AM CET
Bucharest-S04-N01 Monday, 26th of May, 10:00 AM CET
Erfurt-S01-N01 Sunday, 25th of May, 10:00 AM CET
Erfurt-S01-N01 Monday, 26th of May, 09:00 AM CET
Hamburg-S02-N01 Sunday, 25th of May, 10:00 AM CET
Hamburg-S03-N01 Monday, 26th of May, 13:00 PM CET
LosAngeles-S01-N01 Monday, 26th of May, 13:00 PM CET Read More

One year after Snowden declared war to the NSA…

One year has passed since Edward Snowden left the US. He showed the world the NSA abusive use of online surveillance and how a real hero looks like.

One man sacrificed his life and welfare so that a world could benefit again from their privacy and dignity. We will never be able to thank you enough for this, Edward Snowden!

We want to celebrate this important moment with you, our readers, and encourage every internet user once more to start using one of the best anti-NSA weapon there is: CyberGhost VPN!


Now, there are some things that all of us can do, from professionals to every single citizen of this world and that is to take our online privacy seriously and do the right steps to protect it, starting from today.

This means using the right privacy protection tools, being more aware of what we post online and generally, being more aware that what we say online may be interpreted different by different entities and organizations.

Even if you're not doing anything wrong

For one year now, we know that 2.7 billion people are possibly being mass surveyed by the NSA huge systems (physical size of 6 of the biggest IKEA stores, capable to store our entire lives).

Facebook doesn’t even charge for giving away data to NSA and 98% percent of the PRISM data has been collected from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, but AOL, YouTube, Apple or Skype are also involved, according to Wikipedia and other important sources. Read More

Manifesto: Fight For Your Freedom

We are on the last hundred meters with our product launches – the VPN Mac beta version is out, so is the VPN Android version – and this means we finally have more time to engage with the people who use CyberGhost and talk about ideas. Discussing ideas always makes my day. So here is a thought for today:

Freedom. Our freedom.

We often talk about it here at CyberGhost, as much as we talk about privacy and security. And sometimes I forget what freedom is all about. But then I remember, because I hear about ordinary people and their stories, about journalists sentenced to prison because they had the courage to speak out, or about how some governments censor their citizens.


When I read about stuff like that, the lights turn on for me and everything comes into focus.

Humanity has spent its last hundred years in great wars (28th June 1914 is the day World War One began) and it has been a long, exhausting fight for power, for human rights, justice and equality. I can only mention a few of the incredible people who fought it:

  • Martin Luther King
  • Gandhi
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Nelson Mandela

And I dare to say even Edward Snowden.

We owe our rights to these people.

One year ago, on the 20th of May 2013, Edward Snowden left his comfy, secure job with the NSA to let the world know about what’s happening. I often consider this and I realize how much courage it takes to give it all up, for a greater idea.

Looking back, I really think the fights people like Snowden have fought have brought us where we are today. It was all worth it. We are more free than ever, most of us at least. We get to choose our jobs (or even if we should work or do our own thing), we get to choose who we love; we get to choose where we live. We are so much more free, but we are still not completely free.

I call you now to this fight. Defend your rights. Don’t let a government or organization decide what kind of information you have access to, what you should watch or what kind of scandals should make the news. Don’t just sit by and let them survey you. You are not a lab rat. I know this might sound harsh, but it is only up to you to do it.

You deserve to choose, you deserve to have your privacy rights respected, and you deserve to see what’s really going on. Don’t let anybody keep you in the dark.

How can you do this?

I know it’s hard. Life is short, and we need to pick our battles. But you too can do something: at the very least, don’t close your eyes. Read and learn about what is going on. Information is power. Tell others, use technology to your advantage. The tools are there, you just need to reach out and grab them.

We are here to support this, so we’ve decided to spend more time with those who want to join the discussion, to talk about what we can do and about how one can protect himself and spread the word.

We are calling out to the members of our community to join us into this conversation, to take part in our workshops and spread the word to others. We will organize monthly workshops and community support meetings.

Leave us your contact details and we’ll let you know when we have the first online get-together. We’re so excited about this, and we look forward to hear from you!

Please let us know what you think about this last year, do you things have things improved? Do we have more online freedom and security? Do you think Snowden really had a concrete impact on the society?

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Torrents not welcomed? Why CyberGhost blocks P2P on US servers

Some CyberGhost users have expressed their disappointment that the use of torrents is blocked on U.S. and Russian servers, while other VPN providers don’t seem to have any problems regarding this matter. Although we are affected the same by the high number of copyright complaints that are filed on the basis of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), we obviously react differently. (Just an example: Regarding the CyberGhost transparency report, the amount of inquiries in 2013 reached an altitude of 2,175 individual requests worldwide and thus passes by all other complaints easily which don’t even reach triple digits.)

teacherThe extent to which the requests were justified or not, is beyond our knowledge. Nevertheless, we must respond to the complaints. But unlike other VPN providers, we disclaim any request regarding user data, so we had been regularly threatened by a raid or hardware seizure in the United States and Russia. To minimize the risk, we therefore took action and decided to block torrents on the problematic servers. The alternative had been to abandon every server in the USA and Russia, so therefore we choose the lesser evil, which is the blocking of torrents. 

This way no user will be compromised and the installed hardware can be used to surf and stream as before – while legal torrent uploads and downloads can be performed as usual on other servers in other countries (a non-P2P server is marked in the client’s server list). Of course, other VPN providers see this different. They do allow the use of torrents with no restrictions, but at the same time monitor their users, so that they can reveal their identities in case needed.


CyberGhost VPN Transparency Report 2014

This is an important moment for us and we would like to share it with our readers and users. Being one of the first anonymizing services comes with a responsibility, so we decided it’s time to publish a transparency report of state discovery operations, copyright issues and complaints from website operators and individuals.

CyberGhost_Transparncy ReportTransparency reports of Internet companies are a common thing in many countries, as opposed to transparency reports of VPN providers, for which there are just a few reports available. The reason is simple: many countries have concerns that a disclosure of requests from police and other organizations might endanger ongoing investigations.  The actual numbers of requests by authorities and others can be bad for business, especially if a provider logs their users’ online activity.

Click to view the entire Transparency Report! Read More

Server Maintenance on the 14th and 15th of May

Dear CyberGhost user,

We will be performing a general maintenance on all our servers on the 14th and 15th of May. In order to accomplish this task as smooth as possible for you and without interrupting every inch of the service, we will perform our work on different days.

The following schedule of maintenance will tell you which server will be off on which day, at what time (not longer than 5 minutes). Please understand that this work needs to be done and does include an interruption of an ongoing session on the respective server. We apologize for any inconveniences. Read More

More Free Servers, More Power to the People

It may be the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese calendar, but according to us, 2014 is the Year of Online Freedom!

With this idea in mind we decided to offer as many advantages as possible to free users. One of the greatest news of this month is that we’ve added 4 more servers in Romania and Germany, for the Free users and you now have have a total of 31 Free servers, instead of 23, in 14 countries to choose from while surfing anonymous online. 

olympic-2 Read More

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