Happy times: 128 brand new CyberGhost servers and 3 fresh server locations

Hi there, Ghosties!

In the summertime, we got new servers for surfin’ on our minds.

We have just added a total of 128 servers to our park and we couldn’t wait to share the news with you.

So here is the detailed list of all our goodies:


  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • South Korea


  • 4 in Spain – all located in Madrid
  • 24 in United Kingdom – 20 in Manchester, 4 in London
  • 20 in Germany – 12 in Berlin, 8 in Frankfurt
  • 12 in Ukraine – all located in Kiev
  • 8 in Italy – all located in Milan
  • 12 in France – all located in Paris
  • 20 in United States – 4 in Los Angeles, 4 in Oklahoma, 4 in Philadelphia, 4 in Boston, 4 in Phoenix
  • 4 in Finland – all located in Espoo
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  • 4 in Denmark – all located in Copenhagen
  • 4 in Sweden – all located in Stockholm
  • 4 in the United States – all located in Jackson
  • 4 in Ireland – all located in Dublin
  • 4 in South Korea – all located in Seoul
  • 4 in United Kingdom – all in London

To find out precisely where all our servers are located and what their user load is, go to our website.

For all the fresh Ghosties out there, download the CyberGhost app to enjoy the latest servers on your platform & device of choice.

To purchase a Premium subscription, simply go to the Pricing section on the CyberGhost website.

With CyberGhost, you can travel the world with a single click, tap or swipe!

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