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The Red Couch – a YouTube show about privacy!

Hey Ghosties,

I don’t know if you have noticed, but we are really passionate about privacy and all the NSA events going on right now.
This is one of the main reasons why we created a YouTube show, right now we are at episode 8, about all the exciting and mind-blowing things happening in the online privacy.
We have a new episode presented by our host, the British journalist, Michael Bird, with fresh news every other week, so you have time to share our show and debate our subjects with your friends until the next episode. Read More

The wait is over! Our new iOS App, CyberGhost Hotspot Protection, is available now!

We are excited to announce that our iOS App, CyberGhost5 Hotspot Protection is available in the App store from today!

From now on you can:
  • Surf anonymously and secured against trackers and data miners;
  • Protect your private data from hackers while connected to public Wifi networks like Hotspots and Internet Cafes;
  • Watch your favorite videos and TV shows even when you travel and get geo-restricted.
privacy browser    Read More

Top 5 Hot Topics of the Week for CyberGhost5

Fresh from our support inbox, we bring you the 5 Hot Topics of the Week! You can find the solutions for the most common problems you might have encountered this week, while using CyberGhost 5. Read them all here:

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Top 5 Hot Topics for CyberGhost5

It’s been 15 days since CyberGhost5 was officially launched on Google Plus Hangouts and we’ve enjoyed every bit of it.
It’s really rewarding to see that people around the world appreciate all the effort CyberGhost team has put into this new version. We’d like to thank all our users that support us and believe in privacy!

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