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CEO-Blog: We Protect People

Hey Ghosties,

It’s now my second year as CyberGhost’s CEO. Since CyberGhost VPN started in 2004 and then moved to Bucharest, Romania to settle our headquarters here, our service grew from a few hundred users to more than 2 Million people with around 200.000 unique users logging in to our network every single month. In 2004 CyberGost developed from a two men show into a staff of more than 20 employees in various different countries. Every single day, around 3.000 new CyberGhost accounts are created, delivering us a constant growth and market expansion.

We released a small video (4:48) in which our team talks about the reasons for using CyberGhost VPN.

“We doubled our growth rate.”

Our mission is to protect the digital lives of people all over the world and give them free access to blocked and censored information. Over the past month we have made a good deal of progress. We have rebuilt our Free and Premium VPN services, added a new login server infrastructure and brought our service to Smartphones and Tablets by adding PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. to our Premium subscription. CyberGhost VPN is the first VPN provider with a truly Free VPN service without ads or traffic/bandwidth limitations, worldwide. The changes were obviously successful: We doubled our growth rate.

“We evolve into an “Amazon AWS” for VPN.”

I am more convinced than ever that CyberGhost VPN has now the basics and assets for becoming a truly meaningful global player in the field of online security. Our strategy is to evolve on the long term into an “Amazon AWS” for VPN. We work right now on an amazing API that will allow everybody to build great Apps based on our award winning VPN technology. Next step is to launch the new CyberGhost VPN Version 5 based on that API until End of June 2013.

“We protect people and not devices.”

A 100% rewriting on the whole code is right now executed by our developers. Following our mission of protecting people and not devices, we already switched our license model making it possible for you to use our Premium Plus product on different devices from one up to 5 simultaneous connections per license. Cyberghost VPN Version 5 will come with clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android to cover both PC and mobile environments with more malleability than at the moment.

We work on a complete new UI experience that will be the same on PC as also on a touchscreen device. Our goal is that a new user is able to download, install and use our product in less than 4 minutes. It will deliver you a “one click” solution that just connects to our service and allows choosing from different profiles like: “High Speed”, “Unblocking Content”, “High Encryption”, “Wireless Protection” or “Manual”. You can see here first screenshots from our alpha version.

Here we go for the new UI of CyberGhost VPN 5

  CyberGhost VPN 5

CyberGhost VPN 5

And another Version for the new UI:

CyberGhost VPN 5

We will soon open a special page for Version 5 enthusiasts where you will be able to subscribe to an early bird list for receiving a beta version in a few weeks.

As the CyberGhost VPN story continues, I wish to thank you, our users, for your constant trust and support over the years. We live in exciting times and with your help we can manage to make what is personal stay personal and safe – even and especially in the internet– and help you unblock information that is not available without using our service.

Best regards

Robert Knapp
Co-founder and CEO


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