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Emsisoft Anti-Malware For Free

We just add another fine thing to our current Doomnation Campaign: The Double Impact Add-on ‘CyberGhost plus Anti-Malware’, which brings you an increase of more than 100 % Internet security and savings of nearly 70 %. Pay just € 49.99 and get 12 months of CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN (worth: € 118.99) plus 12 months of Emsisoft Anti-Malware (worth: € 40) and save amazing € 109. But, and here’s the bad part, you probably need to hurry, since we only had been granted 1.000 copies of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and will stop this offer as soon as they all are gone.


Which reminds us of our original Dommnation Offer: In the time between Jan. 13th and Feb. 05th you can order a 3 months CyberGhost Premium Plus subscription (usually € 39.99) at just the price of Classic (€ 16.99):

Mobile Apps: About your privacy and security

Although the amount of malware when talking about mobile apps is not that big, Michael Sutton – VP of security research at Zscaler ThreatLabZ –  is concerned about the mobile apps “that are sharing information that people aren’t  aware of, or apps that have not been built securely” .

As an example he mentioned the apps that are requesting the passwords for Google Docs, and Dropbox, for the purpose to upload files and store backups.  The credentials stored in those apps are not securely stored, usually as plain text, which is a BIG security risk.

All this happen, because the businesses are desperate to offer  mobile apps for the masses and building them quickly usually leaves security holes. Just having an app downloaded from an official market doesn’t mean that those apps are securely built or that they have good systems that protect your privacy.

The Damn Best Doomnation Offer For 2012!

Bet, you heard about it (how can’t you): It’s 2012 and according to the Mayan calendar and the Bible Belt the world as we know it cease to exist exactly on Friday, Dec. 21st.

What do we learn from this? 1) Don’t buy any Christmas gifts and spend the kept money for out of house meetings in expensive restaurants. 2) Don’t worry about any ‘Buy now – pay later’ offers. Just pick them up. All of them. 3) Don’t waste any vacation days to the time between Christmas and New Years Eve. 4) Quit your home owner’s insurance, they wouldn’t pay anyway. 5) Don’t accept any long term bindings in general.

And your Internet connection? Won’t some part of you live on in cyberspace? Will go down the drain as well. And no, it won’t. But we do have a good news also, namely our very special Doomnation offer: 3 months CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN at just € 16,99 instead € 39,99! Really? Yeah! In the time between Jan. 13th and Feb. 05th you can fetch yourself 3 months Premium Plus at the price of the Classic subscription. Just watch out for the client’s notifier or our info mail, which will be released this weekend, because you won’t get this offer through our usual purchase channels. (In case you didn’t get any CyberGhost mail, please check your spam settings and/or the mail address you provided us with.)

This special Doomnation Offer contains all CyberGhost Premium Plus advantages, including access to our high speed VIP server, and ends, before our civilization will hit those of the Mayans, the Romans and all other, that came before us. Actually, it’s the best thing, that could happen to you between two mayor Floods. Or can you think of any possibility to get access to those blocked information about the hidden arks, except using CyberGhost?

Update: You can also subscribe to this Doomnation Offer by clicking on this link.

Protect your online Privacy and Identity

Every month thousands of cybercrimes are reported so you should try to protect your identity as best as you can so here are a few steps that you should take:

  1. Don’t share your birth date with 3rd parties. It’s a good tool in a cybercriminal’s skilled hands.
  2. Secure your passwords. Weak passwords for an account or for the backup email for that account or for the backup of the backup email for an account are an open door. You should secure them using password managers like KeePass or PassPack.
  3. Geo-location Services should be used with caution.
  4. Use private browsing if you are accessing information in a cybercafé
  5. Mobile apps should be installed only from the official app store or market. Hacked versions of paid apps are a backdoor for other…activities.
  6. Sensitive information should be sent only over https.
  7. Social network privacy settings: you should have more control on who sees what about you.

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