There’s a new tech show in town!
Happy Friday: new servers in a new location!
US Server Changes
Web Proxy Temporary Vulnerability Solved
Discover our new iOS App and take all our prizes
Chrome Private browsing doesn’t protect your privacy. Are we doomed?
Weekly News Roundup: FBI drove Lavabit into closure to catch Snowden and other news

There’s a new tech show in town!


Which would be the ingredients of a tech show? You are probably thinking of news containing specialized terms, a complicated vocabulary and a tech nerd too passionate about his job to remember how to captivate his audience.

We think that tech shows should be more than fancy words for connoisseurs. They should be addressed to everybody. Because we believe technology, safety and privacy are crucial for each and every one of you, we decided to support a show which aims to deliver tech news with a twist of entertainment. Educating people on important matters like internet security and privacy can be fun if you know how to tackle these sensitive subjects.

Security and privacy are very hot topics for authorities and law enforcers around the world. The show’s goal is to bring you not only the latest news on privacy and security, but also to put a smile on your face.

CyberGhost is not just a VPN service, but a security and privacy company which is fighting for the freedom of speech and a free internet. That’s why we back up a famous Romanian actor, comedian, one-man show, Nelu Cortea for his “3 minutes John” YouTube show.

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John is a full time actor, he graduated from the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest and he played numerous parts for both theater and television. He is well-known for his stand-up comedy shows. The project he started is just a new challenge that will reveal his talent as a YouTube presenter.

Informing the average user on the importance of online privacy and security is the principal focus and this tech show is just one of the methods through which we are trying to raise awareness.

The “3 minutes John” show calls attention to tech news, privacy and security fresh topics like the Panama Papers, the anti-LGBT law which lead to IP blocking, or weird decisions like authorities banning banana-eating videos. You will be either outraged or amused by news such as the new app that makes fitness sexy and you will find out about the latest Google phone.

Besides the slightly funny information, John also presents important news on tech giants. You can find out about the conflict between Apple and the FBI or the Huawei statement on life after death through technology.

This series will make you want more tech news so all you have to do is subscribe to his YouTube channel. Feel free to share with your friends and spread the joy of online privacy and security!

Watch here the latest episode from John’s show, who wants to stick, at some point, to the 3 minutes he initially planned.


Happy Friday: new servers in a new location!


We have some good news for Ghosties around the world.

It was high time to come up with something new on our servers, so from today on we’ll have a new location. All Ghosties can enjoy the 8 new servers in Berlin.

We have 4 Free Berlin servers and 4 Premium Berlin servers.

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For all the new Ghosties out there, download the CyberGhost application to enjoy the latest servers.

You can see here all the locations of our servers.

Feel free while enjoying the experience of a private internet!

US Server Changes


As you know, we want to keep everything as transparent as possible so we can keep providing high-quality services which you can trust.

Because we care about our users’ privacy, we don’t keep logs and we don’t give any kind of information about our users to our service providers and collaborators. Some data centers are having a hard time coping with this policy so we had to end our collaboration with one data center. This means that we have to give up 13 servers located in U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately, the decision needs to be put in place starting 25th of May.

We know this is short notice and we are now working hard to make sure no one is affected by this change. No worries! We have already ordered new servers so you won’t even notice something changed.

Let us know if you have any problems.

Stay safe!

Web Proxy Temporary Vulnerability Solved


Together with one member of the Ghostie community, our security team detected 2 days ago a temporary vulnerability on our web proxy and immediately solved it. For a short amount of time there was a misconfiguration on the web proxy server that made the cookies stored there accessible. The web server configuration vulnerability was patched immediately and now the cookies are not accessible anymore. The cookies are anonymized and are necessary for running the web proxy service. Also, they are automatically deleted after a short time.

This is how a web proxy service works and we’re doing our best to keep it as secure as possible.

Of course, our VPN service was never affected. Our VPN service doesn’t keep cookies or logs and offers you the highest level of encryption – 256-bit AES.

For complete protection and anonymity, here are 10 reasons why it’s better to use a full VPN solution instead of a web proxy:

  1. Protects you from hackers, cyber scams, bank account theft and phishing e-mail fraud
  2. You become anonymous and protected whenever you’re browsing the web.
  3. It detects dangerous websites and software that might harm your computer and prevents you from accessing any site that could be a threat to your device.
  4. AES 256-BIT Encryption
  5. Anti-fingerprinting System
  6. IPV6 Leak Protection
  7. NAT Firewall
  8. Auto Internet Kill Switch
  9. DNS Leak Protection
  10. IP Sharing

You can read more about the advantages of using a full VPN solution here.

Thanks to our amazing community we are keeping safe millions of Ghosties around the world.

Feel free to share your opinions with us on this subject.

Stay safe!


Discover our new iOS App and take all our prizes

iOS -bun

Your entire online experience is about to change today: The coolest security iOS App is here!

We’re very happy to announce you that we launched our new iOS app and we truly believe it’s the coolest security app you can find. We’ve worked hard to make sure of that. Join our competition to get our awesome prizes.

CyberGhost is the first app to transform VPN technology into an easy to use lifestyle product.

We’ve improved connection time and now it literally connects in 1 second. This new app was created with all of you in mind: casual internet users, super-advanced privacy enthusiasts, old school techies, the curious geeks, all time travelers, movie fans, journalists, NGOs. Did we forget to mention YOU? Don’t worry, you’ll love it!


Discover what you can do with CyberGhost iOS App

  1. WiFi Protection

CyberGhost App will protect you every time you are using a free unsecured WiFi hotspot (most of the public ones are unsecured, yes, Starbucks’s WiFi too, sorry).

What’s even cooler is that CyberGhost is the first app to activate itself whenever your phone tries to connect to unsecured WiFi networks. You have your own hi-tech bodyguard now.

How WiFi Protection works?

When you activate the WiFi protection profile, your entire internet connection is encrypted. This way, no hacker will be able to access or steal your personal information including email accounts, Facebook or Instagram profiles or even your credit card information

Then start using this profile every time you are on free, unsecured WiFi connections in airports, hotels, restaurants, cafes or clubs.

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  1. Anonymous Browsing

When activated, it hides your IP address and your internet connection is military-grade encrypted – we use the strongest encryption type, 256-bit AES.

How it works?

I think you will be happy to hear that it actually blocks all online tracking behavior and you become immune to data spying by website owners, advertisers, and other online snoopers.

As you already know, we have a No Logs policy so you will leave no traces online.

Our IP Sharing technology proved to be the best way to preserve our user’s anonymity.

This profile also blocks cookies and malicious websites so you can have a really smooth and anonymous online experience.

  1. Secured Streaming

Streaming movies and online series is the new black and has become an essential part of our daily lives.

Who goes to sleep without watching at least one Game of Thrones episode?

But we also know how important it is to get a secured streaming experience and for that we’ve curated the largest list of streaming websites that are 100% guaranteed to work.  From Youtube to Netflix, BBC, ABC, Hulu, Fox, Comedy Central and many more that we invite you to discover.

How it works?

We’ve taken care and simplified the connection process: you click on the desired website from the list and you are connected.

If you are an expat or travelling outside the country you can take CyberGhost with you – it doesn’t take any extra luggage space and it will make your airport stay a fun experience. Just sayin’.

  1. Save Money

For this profile, CyberGhost uses data compression for all your traffic which makes for some pretty savings in terms of how much mobile data you use.

We can’t wait until you start using our App and get the coolest secured experience online.

Remember that all CyberGhost basic profiles and features are free. For the more advanced settings you simply have to upgrade to Premium.

Enter our competition today to win an Apple Watch, a cool Mip Robot or a Lifetime Subscription!

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Chrome Private browsing doesn’t protect your privacy. Are we doomed?

Chrome pic


What? But I thought that was the whole purpose of Chrome private browsing mode, Incognito.

That’s actually what everybody thought. But it turns out Incognito mode doesn’t keep you that private after all. It’s more like a hideout from your work colleagues or family, because the ISP can still see all the websites you’ve lusciously browsed, along with your boss and government.

Did you know that your Internet Service Provider (a.k.a. ISP) can see your entire browsing history and online traffic? Unless you hide your IP and use confirmed privacy solution, you stand no chance to keep your online life private. Read More

Weekly News Roundup: FBI drove Lavabit into closure to catch Snowden and other news

FBI drove Lavabit into closure to catch Snowden

Re-released court documents of the Lavabit case contains Snowden’s mistakenly unredacted email address. This is the expected confirmation that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was targeting secure email service Lavabit to catch Snowden. A breaking report from the Guardian.

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#OpWhiteRose fails…

The ‘Hacktivist’ collective group Anonymous claimed to have leaked personal details of Donald Trump, including his Social Security Number (SSN). Seems like the released information is not so new and has been circulating on the web since late last year. Read about the fail here.

Read More

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