Torrents become a CyberGhost Premium Feature

You know it: The largest parts of Internet traffic concern streaming services for music and videos, as well as torrent downloads, in some countries strong enough to even threaten net neutrality by being scapegoats for Internet Service Providers to establish new price models.

In contrast, CyberGhost has become steadily cheaper over the years and still manages to stem all increasing traffic. Unfortunately, a high percentage of free user make extensive use of our Free Service very powerful bandwidth for their torrent downloads, affecting the data throughput of all other users in a serious manner.


We never wanted for this happening, but the heavy load torrent users put on the service forces us to pull the ripcord and to re-establish solidarity among all users, instead of letting a few claim it all for themselves.

In short: From now on, CyberGhost blocks the Torrent protocol on all free servers, to normalize traffic once again and to reserve our capacities for those who need a cost-free VPN for anonymous and uncensored surfing.

For subscribers using torrents on most premium servers is still perfectly possible. Only exceptions are servers in the United States, Russia, China and Singapore. For simplicity reasons and a rapid assessment of a single server, the server list in our application includes a yellow exclamation mark next to the name, if the respective server is inaccessible to P2P.

Note: Streaming functionality is not affected by our new torrent policy for free servers. You can still enjoy all your favorite content even with the CyberGhost Free Service.

Thanks everyone for supporting CyberGhost VPN!

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