WebRTC Leak: Are you affected?

A lot of fuss for little trouble: Browser video chat renders VPN worthless, it says. Or: Firefox and Chrome reveal original IP address. Or: Deanonymisation via WebRTC. However: Turns out, very few are affected, because the vast majority operates behind a router and it is shielded by default – and even those, who actually are affected, can resolve the issue with little effort.

So, what’s this all about?

It’s about WebRTC, a video chat technique for real time communication directly inside modern browsers like Firefox and Chrome, which, as a side effect, can help to unveil a user’s original IP address, even though she or he is camouflaged by a VPN. Theoretically. In the real world the possible leak just affects users who are directly connected to the Internet with a modem. The WebRTC makes it possible to read all registered IP addresses inside the network card. All others should be safe, even though they use one of the mentioned browsers. From behind a router, all WebRTC is going to see will be in most cases a bunch of local IP addresses, such as 192.168.178.xxx and alike, which are common in all local networks and therefore worthless in terms of tracking.

U test

If your browser is affected, can be tested very fast on the CyberGhost WebRTC IP detection page. Just open your browser and visit this page: WebRTC Real IP Detection.



If your real IP is exposed, start CyberGhost, clean your browser’s cache (by hitting ‘F5′) and visit the page again. If you’re unlucky and your IP is still exposed, install either the WebRTC Block plug-in for Chrome or the Disable WebRTC plug-in for Firefox.


5 Tips For Preserving Your Online Privacy While Traveling for Holidays

It’s the season to be jolly! And travel. A lot.

Right now, most of you are probably making plans to escape the concrete jungle and head on to a city break somewhere quieter or to go see your family and friends.

However, there are a few important measures you should take in order to fully enjoy your holidays without getting your bank details stolen, accounts hacked, or house ravaged.


  1. Don’t Show And Tell

No matter how tempting it is to brag about your perfectly planned vacation in an exotic destination, it’s never a good idea.

There are a lot of people out there, who can’t wait to break into an empty house and won’t leave empty handed either, while they’re at it.

So keep that in mind next time you’re traveling! Those awesome Instagram photos can wait a few days.

Speaking of which…

  1. Check Your Privacy Settings Before Uploading Photos

Don’t even think to share that photo with you holding three shots in one hand, before checking who can actually see it.

Sure, your friends will think it’s funny, your exes will turn grey with envy and your mom might get slightly worried.

Your current and future employers, work colleagues or people who don’t know you so well yet, will never see you with the same eyes again.

  1. Secure Payment Methods Are Your Friend

No matter how much you’re trying to escape your daily duties, it’s inevitable that at some point you might need to pay those bills that keep piling up.

In that case, make sure you always use a secure payment method, like bitcoin (if it’s accepted), or Secure Pay.

But even that is not helpful if you don’t…

  1. Use Strong Passwords For Everything

You might be tempted to use 1234 or your dog’s name as a password, but that is a huge mistake pretty much everyone comes to regret at some point. The only way you can make it worse is by having one password for all your accounts.

Regardless of the time and energy you think you’re saving, all you do is preparing yourself for sharing with the world a tad more than you’re willing and ready to.

Strong passwords should have at least 8 characters, contain big and small letters, special characters and numbers.

And if you think you won’t remember them all, you’re probably right. That’s why a password manager like KeePass always comes in handy.

Tip 005 - Choose Complex Passwords - Not a Vocabulary Word

  1. Beware of WiFi Networks And Encrypt Your Connection

Last, but not least, it’s important you remember to encrypt your internet connection whenever you use public HotSpots, which you will be doing a lot.

The simplest and most efficient way to do this, is by using a VPN.

CyberGhost VPN encrypts your traffic and changes your IP so you can surf anonymously and safe.

And you’re in luck! We have a great offer, too!

Encryption – A Guide for Everyone

Did you know that even the great Caesar used a cipher to hide his military
correspondence between 100 – 44 B.C?  The key in this case was simply
to shift to the right by three.

Encryption is not a new concept but it keeps getting more and more complex and useful. We thought that a guide to encryption accessible to everyone would be more than welcomed, either to understand it better or to share it with people who would need it.

Just a short intro: encryption is the process through which information or data is transformed (encoded) in such a way that is unreadable to anyone who does not have the knowledge of the way it was transformed.
The information thus becomes available only to the authorized parties. This authorization works based on keys. Encoding the information is made by using an encryption key while decoding the information is made by using a decryption key.


You can read the entire guide here.

Feel free to share it with people interested.

What You Missed at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014

The European version of TechCrunch Disrupt, the flagship conference of the well-known publication that bears the same name, took place on the 20th and 21st in London.


The city was chosen due to the its reputation of being a magnet of talent, and the plethora of  successful startups that emerged from it during the past few years, covering finance, fashion, media, design and entertainment.

Around 1600 people from all over the world, among which: tech aficionados, investors, startups, tech journalists, VCs and angel investors had the opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere at Old Billingsgate Market.

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014

The event featured top speakers from successful companies  like: Tine Thygesen (Everplaces), Carlos Eduard Espinal (Seedcamp), Onno Faber (TapTalk), Morten Lund (XY), Eric Wahlforss (Soundcloud) and many others, who shared their thoughts on the current state of the startup scene, the challenges they had to overcome in their past and some advice for future entrepreneurs looking for funding and media coverage.

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014

The most expected moment of the event (no, I’m not talking about the wild afterparties here), Startup Battlefield gave numerous early stage startups the opportunity of pitching their products on the stage, in front of the judges who were to decide for the winners.

Some of the most exciting ideas were:

  • PhotoMath, the world’s first camera calculator app which allows users to point their phone camera towards a mathexpression and get an instant solution with detailed solving steps;
  • IO, a social concierge that talks to users in natural language in a messenger app about lifestyle and travel;
  • DDG (Disease Diagnostic Group) that uses magneto-optical energy to change the way diseases are diagnosed;
  • Cosmethics that can be used to scan the product barcode and cross-references it with with undesirable ingredients and refernces to the user’s allergies or preferences
  • Crate which won the competition by showcasing an app which allows you to launch a highly scalable backend in minutes.

Among the main sponsors of TechCruch Disrupt were HipChat, Cushman & Wakefield, Eventbrite and CrunchBase, ChallengePost and Autodesk Fusion.

We’re looking forward to next years’ event, which is going to bring together investors and the most exciting startups under the same roof in another hot European capital.

Yosemite is Out – Compatible CyberGhost Version Coming Soon

Apple released yesterday OS X 10.10 a.k.a Yosemite, the new version of its worldwide known operating system, and it’s free to download. The most visible changes: the visual similarity to Apple mobile operating system iOS 8, to which this version also approaches in terms of cooperation between the two systems.

ONLINE in capital letters

Another powerful push of the Apple team with this operating system is the seamless integration with the Internet: widgets from the App Store can be integrated into the notification bar to inform you about news, weather, stock market and everything else interesting. And you will notice right in the middle of the screen the search function that can also work with Wikipedia, iTunes, calendar entries and emails. Furthermore, along with iOS 8 they incorporated iCloud 8 Drive and made it ​​available alongside with its competitor Dropbox. You can even make phone calls to your iPhone or send SMSs with OS X.

More news: Safari will consume noticeably less power on MacBooks, all major web standards will be supported better than before, and a community sharing function is integrated directly into the browser.

The handy “continuity” function ensures that your various Apple devices are aware of one another, so you can pick up on one where you left off on another — for example, you start surfing the web on your iPad and then pick it up later on your laptop.

Compatible CyberGhost Version Coming Soon

A Yosemite-compatible version of CyberGhost VPN will be published soon, and we’re really keen on releasing it as fast as possible. Wwe have already successfully tested it as beta, it won’t take long, until the update will be available, most probably this weekend, but the latest on Tuesday next week.

More info about Yosemite.

Download it here.




Apple Fans, CyberGhost is Here to Protect You!

Do you own a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone? Then choose CyberGhost VPN to protect yourself online!

We’ve got the apps you need for full online anonymity, help you unlock content and apps you love (Netflix, Skype, YouTube, BBC and many many more can be unlocked with just one click).

We’re here to keep you safe from online bad guys. Download CyberGhost VPN for Mac, iPad or iPhone today!

CyberGhost users are safe from Shellshock bug

Surfing the net nowadays can be a traumatizing experience. Not nearly as traumatizing as European soldiers felt in World War I trenches, which gave birth to the naming of the recently discovered bash security leak in Linux systems (ShellShock) but uncomfortable none the less. The leak in the Unix shell seems to exist for quite a long time now, but came to public knowledge just recently – and by now it is widely and actively used. Even by ‘free time hackers’, who are usually lacking enough know-how to break into secured websites. As the discoverers of the leak stated, it is relatively easy to exploit.

Remember Heartbleed? Well, this bug is even older. You can read all about it here.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-30 um 13.49.27

Shellshock updates available

The good news: All important Linux distributions already rolled out updates with which the leak can be secured. Also CyberGhost stated a first (but reserved) all-clear signal. As many online publications stated yesterday and the day before, distros like Fedora, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuse published two updates – as where the second became necessary, because the first one got compromised as well. Also CyanogenMod had been secured these days, while the usual Google Android doesn’t need any update and Apple users should be a little more patient and wait some more time. But then again: Desktop users shouldn’t be all too worried anyway, because the leak is used ‚just‘ to attack web servers.

CyberGhost is safe

Here at CyberGhost we know well about this threat and already took action right after the first notice of a potential security problem with the Unix bash. We performed a series of tests and patched (just in case) all infrastructure servers. According to the tests done we haven’t been affected even on unpatched servers, but we are nonetheless wide awake, because the amount of attacks hasn’t reached its peak and every day might bring new and different challenges. Of course, we will keep you updated, if this matter unveils new facts, but until then: Be assured, you’re safe with your favorite ghost!