To Flash Or Not to Flash – That is the question

Why CyberGhost is different from Proxy Plugins

The controversy regarding Flash is still ongoing and with more and more websites using modern HTML5 features, we might see a future where Flash is not required at all. But currently Flash is still heavily used for media content and streaming, like video streams. Websites with a lot of video content have not yet converted all of their content to HTML5 compatible formats and still require the Flash Plugin.

Flash was and is under attack. In the last years it suffered from a lot security leaks. But why?
The reason is that Flash has more freedom to access the user’s system and is running somehow in a “side-channel” of the browser.

How does that affect my privacy and security?

First of all: If you are already a CyberGhost user, you made the right decision, because you are using a VPN, an encrypted tunnel into the Internet. With CyberGhost’s advanced security features, no application is able to circumvent this tunnel and communicate from outside the tunnel. All Internet traffic is forced to go through the tunnel, passing our servers, being anonymized by replacing your IP with one of our servers’ IP.

Oh, you are using some of these tiny, small Chrome Plugins

Nice that you care about your privacy and we also appreciate that you are cautious not to install too many stuff on your PC, in order to keep it clean and fast. But in this case, it’s the wrong decision. It’s like not installing an Antivirus Program and using an online service for scanning files for viruses. This is a good solution if you want a second opinion or if you are on a computer where you are not allowed to install anything. But this  does not give you the same protection level.

Why? These Chrome Plugins work by modifying your browsers proxy settings, to use a proxy server. While this technique was one of the first used, which CyberGhost also used at the beginning (back in 2004), it has become more “en vogue” today with Chrome’s support of SPDY. SPDY is a modified version of the HTTPS protocol which optimizes the way requests to web servers are made. This gives a pretty good performance while surfing the web, but …it is not secure in combination with Flash. A malicious website could create Flash content which bypasses or ignores the proxy settings… and leaks your real IP address. So you can never really be sure if the video you are currently streaming with Flash is really tunneled through the proxy.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Flash is not able to bypass a CyberGhost VPN tunnel. CyberGhost uses different techniques to detect if any malicious software on your computer tries to bypass the tunnel or to disable it in the background. It checks the anonymization status every minute and uses a firewall engine, in order to only allow VPN traffic while being connected. Additionally, it makes sure that existing connections are dropped before the tunnel is established, making sure these connections are re-initiated over the tunnel.

So here is a short summary:

CyberGhost Browser Plugin
Supports ALL applications on your PC YES NO, just Browser
Protects also Javascript, Flash, Java YES YES/NO/NO
Advanced bypassing protection YES NO
Supported Protocols ALL Only HTTP(S)

So, if you don’t need Flash, you are using a modern browser with SPDY support like Chrome and you only want to be anonymized and protected while surfing with this browser, a browser plugin might be a good, lightweight choice.

If you need strong protection and the best anonymization security currently available, give CyberGhost a try!

CyberGhost VPN is now available for Mac

CyberGhost VPN for Mac was officially launched through a Google Hangout Live Session on 5th of June and is now fully available for Mac enthusiasts. It’s completely Free! We’ve been in beta mode for a few months and now we are ready to officially release this amazing privacy and anonymity tool for all Mac users out there.

Install the CyberGhost application on your Mac in just a few seconds. CyberGhost VPN can be downloaded here.


When using CyberGhost VPN on your Mac you get:

- Privacy and security by encrypting your communication

- Online anonymity by hiding your IP address and you real identity while surfing

- Protection from hackers, cyber scams, bank-account theft and phishing e-mail fraud

- Access to unblock geo-restricted content

If you want to see how our Mac Launch went take a look on our recording here.

CyberGhost VPN CEO, Robert Knapp, also answered a lot of questions during the Google Plus Mac Launch session regarding privacy, NSA and encryption. You can read them in the comments section of the YouTube session.

Thanks for Download CG

We chose to launch our Mac client on 5th of June to honor 1 year since The Guardian and The Washington Post publish the Edward Snowden revelations, changing the way we look at our privacy.

If you want to write a review about our Mac client please leave a comment bellow. For questions about the Mac client please send an email at

Link to the event here.

More Free Servers, More Power to the People

It may be the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese calendar, but according to us, 2014 is the Year of Online Freedom!

With this idea in mind we decided to offer as many advantages as possible to free users. One of the greatest news of this month is that we’ve added 4 more servers in Romania and Germany, for the Free users and you now have have a total of 31 Free servers, instead of 23, in 14 countries to choose from while surfing anonymous online. 

olympic-2 Continue reading

New Red Couch Show Episode!

The collaboration between the US government and hackers has been a hot and caused a lot of controversy during the last years.

Now, another incident raised again the attention to this subject, when a group of hackers claimed responsibility for attacking the US Court System website and the US authorities denied it. So we decided to looked a bit deeper into it in our latest Red Couch episode. We actually interviewed the European Cyber Army, the hacker group that claimed the attacks on the US Court System website, so watch this episode now to see what they said: Continue reading