CyberGhost5 is now available in 5 additional languages

We are proud to announce that we have a major update: CyberGhost5 is now available in
5 additional languages: French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Polish. If you want to use the updated version of CyberGhost5 all you have to do is restart CyberGhost in order to install the new version

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Heartbleed Bug: Change of SSL Certificates

The recent Internet meltdown, somehow trivialized called “Heartbleed”, keeps us all busy these days: You, trying to get a hand on updates for your worthy programs and operating systems, us with patching our servers (which we did by the way much faster than the news kept coming), and from Wednesday on with the replacement of the SSL certificates.

wickingerWe do our best to get this thing accomplished without you getting involved, but the next days we need your patience and benevolence when updating those parts of our infrastructure that can’t be worked on while online. Which means we have to take a few servers offline step by step, replace the certificates and push them back into life. If this happens, all users online on the respective servers will be cut off from CyberGhost for the time needed, which will be about 5, maximum 10 minutes. Please take this into account, especially if you use a native protocol with CyberGhost and not the client with its secure disconnection feature. We apologize deeply for any inconvenience – but, as we all know, safety comes first.

The replacement of the certificates will take place on two days, Wednesday, April 16th, and Thursday, April 17th, 2014. Please refer to the following schedule of servers being updated:

Amsterdam-S02 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Amsterdam-S03 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Bucharest-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Bucharest-S03 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Bucharest-S05 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Dublin-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Erfurt-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Erfurt-S02 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Erfurt-S03 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Erfurt-S04 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Espoo-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Frankfurt-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Frankfurt-S02 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Frankfurt-S03 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Frankfurt-S04 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Graz-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Hamburg-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Hamburg-S04 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Hamburg-S05 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Kiev-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
Laval-S01 Wednesday, 8 AM CET
London-S01 Thursday, 8 AM CET
London-S03 Thursday, 8 AM CET
London-S04 Thursday, 8 AM CET
LosAngeles-S02 Wednesday, 16 PM CET
Luxembourg-S01 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Milano-S01 Thursday, 8 AM CET
NewYork-S08 Wednesday, 16:00 PM CET
Oslo-S01 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Prague-S01 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Reykjavik-S01 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Singapore-S01 Wednesday, 1 AM CET
Tampa-S01 Wednesday, 16 PM CET
Warsaw-S01 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Zurich-S04 Thursday, 8 AM CET
Zurich-S05 Thursday, 8 AM CET

How we unblocked Twitter in Turkey

First, I will try to outline the current situation in Turkey so you can realize why we felt that we needed to do something and donate 30.000 free Premium licenses to help Turkish people.

Turkey has a long tradition of censorship that reached a peak again last week with the ban on Twitter, blocking March 22 by blocking access to the Google public DNS service and than the ban on YouTube.

The actions of the Turkish Prime Minister made the international community react furiously, especially since Turkey has previously banned YouTube after videos insulting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey’s founder, were shared on the site. Continue reading

We Support Turkish Internet Users by Offering Them 10000 free Premium Licenses

Spoiler: There’s Something In It for The Rest of You, Too

Censorship poses at this point one of the biggest threats to Turkey’s cyber landscape. After some sites have been censored and a law that requires internet providers to store all data on web users’ activities for two years and make it available to the authorities upon request has passed, there seems there is not much freedom of expression left for Turkish netizens.

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World Day Against Cyber Censorship

CyberGhost  VPN Joins in the Global Protest Against Cyber Censorship and You Should Too

For the past years we have witnessed the general tendency towards an internet full of regulations and constraints from which the main initial perks and attributes like: freedom of speech, anonymity, and unlimited access to information have been slowly, but surely drained away.

The freedom of press, as well as users’ online privacy and security got caught in the middle between endless political debates and dangerous power games.

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New Red Couch Show Episode!

The collaboration between the US government and hackers has been a hot and caused a lot of controversy during the last years.

Now, another incident raised again the attention to this subject, when a group of hackers claimed responsibility for attacking the US Court System website and the US authorities denied it. So we decided to looked a bit deeper into it in our latest Red Couch episode. We actually interviewed the European Cyber Army, the hacker group that claimed the attacks on the US Court System website, so watch this episode now to see what they said: Continue reading

Important Security Update for iOS Users

All iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users should update their devices operating system as soon as possible to the latest version 7.0.6 to avoid serious security threats.

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