Fake Leak: No, CyberGhost has NOT been hacked

Contrary to the claims of an unknown hacker group, initially issuing themselves as Anonymous hacker, no credit card information has been stolen from CyberGhost’s servers and published. The reason is obvious: CyberGhost itself handles no payments and therefore has no access to credentials or has any infrastructure to save it. Accordingly, the published list only contains a rather lame collection of expired serial numbers from past promotions …

At Christmas, a group of anonymous hackers filled the headlines, presenting a Sony hack and, later on, asserted via Twitter, to have hacked various companies and stolen their customer data, including UbiSoft, VCC, Brazzers, UFC TV, XBL Gamers, Twitch TV, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Dell, Walmart , EA Games, and, ultimately, CyberGhostVPN. Initially known as ‘Anonymous’, then as ‘Lizard Squad’, the group seemed to have access to different companies and collected a list of over 13,000 accounts on Amazon, Playstation, Xbox Live, Hulu Plus, Walmart and other retailers as well as entertainment and adult platforms. The list includes credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates. As a little extra, the hacker also published a copy of the controversial Kim de Jong lampoon movie ’The Interview’.


Of course we can’t say anything about the truth of the allegations regarding the other affected companies, this is still to be reviewed, but as far as CyberGhost is concerned, we can give the all clear. CyberGhost itself does not accept payments and therefore has no data collection of credentials or else. In fact CyberGhost relies for payment processing on the e-commerce company cleverbridge – whose name is not on the list.

So what exactly has being published then, if not credit card data? Well, a series of expired serial numbers for CyberGhost subscriptions, grabbed at earlier campaigns and other promotions, plus some occasional license keys from recent actions (which were disabled during the last few days). So the purpose of the publication is rather unknown; it neither proves the existence of a vulnerability nor does it benefit someone.


Torrents not welcomed? Why CyberGhost blocks P2P on US servers

Some CyberGhost users have expressed their disappointment that the use of torrents is blocked on U.S. and Russian servers, while other VPN providers don’t seem to have any problems regarding this matter. Although we are affected the same by the high number of copyright complaints that are filed on the basis of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), we obviously react differently. (Just an example: Regarding the CyberGhost transparency report, the amount of inquiries in 2013 reached an altitude of 2,175 individual requests worldwide and thus passes by all other complaints easily which don’t even reach triple digits.)

teacherThe extent to which the requests were justified or not, is beyond our knowledge. Nevertheless, we must respond to the complaints. But unlike other VPN providers, we disclaim any request regarding user data, so we had been regularly threatened by a raid or hardware seizure in the United States and Russia. To minimize the risk, we therefore took action and decided to block torrents on the problematic servers. The alternative had been to abandon every server in the USA and Russia, so therefore we choose the lesser evil, which is the blocking of torrents. 

This way no user will be compromised and the installed hardware can be used to surf and stream as before – while legal torrent uploads and downloads can be performed as usual on other servers in other countries (a non-P2P server is marked in the client’s server list). Of course, other VPN providers see this different. They do allow the use of torrents with no restrictions, but at the same time monitor their users, so that they can reveal their identities in case needed.


Line’s dead? Please change name server addresses!

Some users recently complained they can’t reach our homepage and in general report problems regarding addressing websites while surfing. Therefore we’d like to take the opportunity to inform you once again, that CyberGhost replaced the old name servers. They won’t be updated anymore and be shut down completely very soon.

Does it concern you? Depends. If you haven’t changed the address of your DNS server in the past manually to one of CyberGhost’s servers, you’re good to go and don’t have to read any further. Did you instead actually do changed the name servers, please update the addresses now.

These are the old, invalid  name servers

  • ·         ns1.cyberghostvpn.com
  • ·         ns2.cyberghostvpn.com
  • ns3.cyberghostvpn.com

These addresses need to be replaced with the following new ones as soon as possible (please note, that also a zero (‘0’) shows up, where before was none, e.g. ‘ns01’ instead ‘ns1’: Continue reading

Happy Blocking 2014

One of the best little presents Claire Perry and David Cameron welcome you with to 2014 is website blocking, coming to your home now and bringing you many reasonable Internet blockages like ‘Respect your Partner’, ‘Childline’ and other threats your wise government wants to protect your children’s souls from. Besides real offenses, of course, which no one doubts anyway. Now, does it make sense to protect a child from explicit material? Absolutely! Does it also make sense to implement a huge filter system right into the heart of the Internet – with or without best intentions? Well, besides the fact that the road to hell is paved with good intentions: Absolutely not!
Continue reading

Touchdown: We’re in for some games!

While London mutates into the all seeing eye, CyberGhost attends the United Internet Games in freedom, privacy and security – and now guess, who won the most acclaimed medal of them all? Well, it’s been your favorite friendly neighborhood ghost and he got Gold in ‘No logs’.

You’re heartily invited to join us and establish with us a better Internet, a private one, a free one – and, of course, a more secure one! And here are your medals, waiting for you to get fetched:

  • Bronze: 1 year CyberGhost Classic VPN for just € 39.99 instead € 49.99 (20 % off). Your savings: € 10.00! CyberGhost Classic VPN means: Access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘L’ (20 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • Silver: 1 year CyberGhost Premium VPN for just € 55.99 instead € 79.99 (30 % off). Your savings: € 23.99! CyberGhost Premium VPN means: Access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘XL’ (50 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • Gold: 1 year CyberGhost Premium Plus for just € 71.39 instead € 118.99 (40 % off). Your savings: € 47.59! CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN means:  Access to all free, premium and VIP servers and traffic flat rate ‘XXL’ (80 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).

You will save up to € 47.59, depending on which subscription you choose. So, let the games begin.

This offer is valid only up to August, 31st. You can subscribe by clicking on this link (bottom left you can change the wanted plan): http://s.cgvpn.net/7I


No big secret: At short intervals CyberGhost is asked to give out a promotion code. In personal mails, Twitter posts and on Facebook CyberGhost fans and friends question for a personal or general promotion, ‘to test the service before buying’. Well, for that reason we do have the ‘Free Service’ and actually no ‘promo, please’ could ever beat this offer – the Free Service is always and to everybody available and works with the same anonymization power as our regular servers do.

But CyberGhost also sees the need for ‘checking the service in all its aspects’ from time to time. That’s why the Facebook ‘LIKE’ campaign had been brought to life. It’s a fair deal: You will get one month CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus for one Facebook ‘Like’ and your email address. Just enter your address (or the one you want to use) and click on ‘Get serial code’. After that you will immediately get an email from us including your serial, which will grant you access to all servers for one month, 20 GB online safe, and one GB highspeed traffic (after that the data rate will be limited to 512 kBit/s).

Now, that’s what we call a good deal. How about you? Do you LIKE that?

UPDATE: This promotion is on hold for now