Line’s dead? Please change name server addresses!

Some users recently complained they can’t reach our homepage and in general report problems regarding addressing websites while surfing. Therefore we’d like to take the opportunity to inform you once again, that CyberGhost replaced the old name servers. They won’t be updated anymore and be shut down completely very soon.

Does it concern you? Depends. If you haven’t changed the address of your DNS server in the past manually to one of CyberGhost’s servers, you’re good to go and don’t have to read any further. Did you instead actually do changed the name servers, please update the addresses now.

These are the old, invalid  name servers

  • ·
  • ·

These addresses need to be replaced with the following new ones as soon as possible (please note, that also a zero (‘0’) shows up, where before was none, e.g. ‘ns01’ instead ‘ns1’: Continue reading

Happy Blocking 2014

One of the best little presents Claire Perry and David Cameron welcome you with to 2014 is website blocking, coming to your home now and bringing you many reasonable Internet blockages like ‘Respect your Partner’, ‘Childline’ and other threats your wise government wants to protect your children’s souls from. Besides real offenses, of course, which no one doubts anyway. Now, does it make sense to protect a child from explicit material? Absolutely! Does it also make sense to implement a huge filter system right into the heart of the Internet – with or without best intentions? Well, besides the fact that the road to hell is paved with good intentions: Absolutely not!
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Touchdown: We’re in for some games!

While London mutates into the all seeing eye, CyberGhost attends the United Internet Games in freedom, privacy and security – and now guess, who won the most acclaimed medal of them all? Well, it’s been your favorite friendly neighborhood ghost and he got Gold in ‘No logs’.

You’re heartily invited to join us and establish with us a better Internet, a private one, a free one – and, of course, a more secure one! And here are your medals, waiting for you to get fetched:

  • Bronze: 1 year CyberGhost Classic VPN for just € 39.99 instead € 49.99 (20 % off). Your savings: € 10.00! CyberGhost Classic VPN means: Access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘L’ (20 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • Silver: 1 year CyberGhost Premium VPN for just € 55.99 instead € 79.99 (30 % off). Your savings: € 23.99! CyberGhost Premium VPN means: Access to all free and premium servers and traffic flat rate ‘XL’ (50 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).
  • Gold: 1 year CyberGhost Premium Plus for just € 71.39 instead € 118.99 (40 % off). Your savings: € 47.59! CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN means:  Access to all free, premium and VIP servers and traffic flat rate ‘XXL’ (80 GB high speed traffic, to be reduced to 512 kBit/s when used up).

You will save up to € 47.59, depending on which subscription you choose. So, let the games begin.

This offer is valid only up to August, 31st. You can subscribe by clicking on this link (bottom left you can change the wanted plan):


No big secret: At short intervals CyberGhost is asked to give out a promotion code. In personal mails, Twitter posts and on Facebook CyberGhost fans and friends question for a personal or general promotion, ‘to test the service before buying’. Well, for that reason we do have the ‘Free Service’ and actually no ‘promo, please’ could ever beat this offer – the Free Service is always and to everybody available and works with the same anonymization power as our regular servers do.

But CyberGhost also sees the need for ‘checking the service in all its aspects’ from time to time. That’s why the Facebook ‘LIKE’ campaign had been brought to life. It’s a fair deal: You will get one month CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus for one Facebook ‘Like’ and your email address. Just enter your address (or the one you want to use) and click on ‘Get serial code’. After that you will immediately get an email from us including your serial, which will grant you access to all servers for one month, 20 GB online safe, and one GB highspeed traffic (after that the data rate will be limited to 512 kBit/s).

Now, that’s what we call a good deal. How about you? Do you LIKE that?

UPDATE: This promotion is on hold for now

Blocked content? Try this!

You’re an American abroad and want to watch your favorite TV show or the newest episode on Hulu? No problem – at least not, if you use CyberGhost. With 75 servers in more than 15 countries you can access your country’s audio and video platforms even if these services are blocked in the country you live in at the moment. The same goes for content on YouTube, that might be available or not, depending on the region, you’re logged in.

And, just in case you forgot the addresses of your country’s platforms, have a look here. We provide you with the most important ones for Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, Romania, Canada and France.



4 on Demand ( – Live program

BBC iPlayer ( – TV shows, movies & more

BBC Sports Streaming ( – sport events

Demand 5 ( – TV shows  & more

Eurosport ( – sport events

ITV ( – TV shows  & more

Sky Player ( – Live TV

Stv (  – Program on Demand


Deutschland/Schweiz (für den Zugriff aus dem Ausland)* ( – TV

ARD Mediathek ( – TV

Arte ( – TV

Pro 7 ( – TV

Sat 1 ( – TV

wilmaa ( – TV

ZDF Mediathek ( – TV

Zattoo ( – TV



Vplay  ( )- TV shows, Manga, music, documentary



ABC ( – TV shows  & more

AmcTv ( – TV shows  & more

ABC Family ( – TV shows  & more

Amazon Video on Demand (

CBS ( – TV shows, movies

Comedy Central ( – TV shows  & more

Fox on Demand ( – TV shows  & more

Fox Soccer ( – sport events

FX Network ( – TV shows  & movies

iLike/MySpace Music ( – music

Hulu ( – TV shows  & movies

Lala Free Music ( – music

Live Cricket ( – cricket

MTV ( – music, TV shows

NBC ( – TV shows , shows, Webisodes

Netflix ( TV shows  & movies

Pandora ( – Internet radio

Southpark Studios ( – episodes ( – sport events

SyFy Rewind ( – Science Fiction & Fantasy

The CW ( – episodes

The WB ( – TV shows, trailer

TV Land ( – TV shows ( – TV shows  & movies

USA Network ( – TV shows

Vevo ( – music

VH1 ( – music



Bravo! Canada ( TV shows  & movies

City TV ( – TV shows  & local news

CTV ( – TV shows  & movies

Global TV ( – TV shows  & movies

MTV Canada ( – music videos & more

Much Music ( – music videos & more

Spacecast ( – Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Comedy Network ( – comedy

TSN ( – sport events (ice hockey)



Canal+ ( – TV

Direct 8 ( – TV shows, movies  & movies

France 2 ( – TV

France 3 ( – TV

France 4 ( – TV

France 5 ( – TV

M6 ( – TV

TF1 ( – TV

W9 ( – TV

* Not all platforms are to be accessed for free


Mission accomplished! CyberGhost went 1.000.000!

When starting as a closing time project a few years ago, none of the two programmers, who initiated the CyberGhost adventure, ever even thought about working on something HUGE, which would accomplish one day something like, say, one million users. Now it happened – made possible by you and done by us. We succeeded a lot of financial and bureaucratic adverseness and opposed our own government (Germany at that time) as well as we resisted the European data retention and all other attempts to establish a well monitored Internet – just to create a service, that would be SAFE TO USE. Safe in the meaning of granting you anonymity while using the Internet. You noticed, of course you did, and you accepted our service and made it bigger year by year.

You probably noticed as well, that we celebrated this important milestone in our company’s history with a raffle for all users and a special price, that goes along with the 1.000.000th CyberGhost account. The winners of the lottery will be informed in a few days via their respective email addresses they left at the raffle page, the winner of the two year CyberGhost Premium subscription and the trip to CyberGhost headquarter in Bucharest will get a note directly in her (or his) account. (That’s the only way to do, because it’s not possible to assign an account to a person or even an email address. Please, if you are the big winner, mail US by using the address we provide you with in that message.) More information about the ending celebration is to be found on our Aftermath Party Page ( There you will be provided with a field as well, where you can fill in the email address you used for the lottery – in case you don’t want to wait until we email you, just to find out if you won nor not.

CyberGhost thanks all participants and shouts out a BIG FAT THANK YOU to all old and new CyberGhosts! Like said: You brought our service that far!

(And the two programmers, who started all this? They are still with us, keep us all together and the service up and running – and are proud like hell. As we all at CyberGhost are!)

CyberGhost in search for its 1.000.000th User

Here we go, starting celebration: Like many of you easily imagined, CyberGhost is not only on the hunt for the Internet’s 1.000.000th paranormal activity, it will also be celebrated. Which means:

  • A fat 2 year CyberGhost Premium Plus subscription and a trip to our headquarter in Romania for the one millionth CyberGhost user!
  • A lottery for all recent CyberGhost users, friends, fans and supporters with loads of software prices (including subscriptions), worth much more than 10.000 EURO all in all.
  • A special, newsletter based, offer for all old and new CyberGhost users: Pay 12, get 24 – 2 years CyberGhost for the price of one year!
  • A Facebook LIKE campaign: Go, like us there, and we will give you one free month of CyberGhost Premium Plus!