Top 5 Hot Topics for CyberGhost5

It’s been 15 days since CyberGhost5 was officially launched on Google Plus Hangouts and we’ve enjoyed every bit of it.
It’s really rewarding to see that people around the world appreciate all the effort CyberGhost team has put into this new version. We’d like to thank all our users that support us and believe in privacy!


We are proud that we managed to create a great program that can be easily installed and used to protect people’s privacy worlwide.
However, along with a new launch new challenges arise. We noticed that there are a few hot topics in our support inbox in the past days so we’ve written down the solutions to most common problems you might have encountered, while using CyberGhost 5. You can read them all here!

Featured in the last couple of days:
1. Experiencing L2TP or OpenVPN connection problems on US server?
2. How to recover an account
3. I can’t use my CyberGhost subscription on Mac or Linux! What now?
4. No network card?
5. What is wrong with the OpenVPN configuration file?

We’ll try to keep this thread weekly updated, so remember to check it out while searching for a solution to your problem!

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CyberGhost VPN - Oana Ciobotea
CyberGhost VPN - Oana Ciobotea

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2 Comments on "Top 5 Hot Topics for CyberGhost5"

1 year 4 months ago

It would be great if the links you provide on this page actually took you to an answer. But, like all support from CyberGhost, the pages do not exist….

The internet is full of users (some – like me – actually paid for the program) who are suddenly having difficulties getting CyberGhostVPN to start-up. There are problems posted everywhere. Yet, no answers, nor helpful assistance from support can be found….

1 – Why has my CyberGhost suddenly stopped working after the recent update?
2 – Why does every start of CyberGhost require the installation of TAP device drivers?
3 – Why does every attempt to install TAP drivers fail?
4 – Why does every start of CyberGhost produce the error message, “Network Driver Outdated!” ?
5 – Why when you click ‘yes’ for “Do you want to correct this now?” fail to install the required CyberGhost network driver?
6 – Why does the ‘connect’ routine hang?
7 – Why is it impossible to get answers from CyberGhost support?

And yes, I made my donation to the ‘CyberGhost Indiegogo Campaign’ and now I’m wondering why……….

Frustrated Paid User,


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