Pay Anonymously with Bitcoins

We’re happy to inform you that CyberGhost now supports Bitcoin payment for anonymous sales.

Are you new to Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is an anonymous way for Internet payments, safe to use, but unfortunately not necessarily easy to understand. If you are inexperienced in dealing with Bitcoins, please read a bit about it, e.g. one of the following articles:

How can you pay with Bitcoin for CyberGhost?

Visit our CyberGhost sales page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the graphic called ‘Pay with Bitcoin’ and follow the instructions.

cyberghost bitcoin

Are other payment methods not anonymous?

In case you want to use different payment methods, you can also be sure your identity is safe with us. The payment will be processed by an external service provider and is strictly separated from CyberGhost and our infrastructure. Cross-connections between a sale and a certain account or between an activation code and an account cannot be made. The only possible worst case scenario would be a person might be exposed by authorities as having paid for a VPN – just like tens of millions others have.

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1 year 2 months ago

Hey Michael,

have no fear, our sales support team is working on solving your problem. Cheers!

Michael Travis
1 year 2 months ago

Bitcoin or not….NO ONE SHOULD PAY GOOD MONEY and be treated like the CyberGhost staff treats their paying customers.

Leave a message? (This from the Cyber-Ghost site:

ERROR 500 – Internal Server Error!
The following error occurred:

The requested URL caused an internal server error.

If you get this message repeatedly please contact the webmaster.

And of course… people do not reply to emails.

Not very happy.

Michael Travis


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