Line’s dead? Please change name server addresses!

Some users recently complained they can’t reach our homepage and in general report problems regarding addressing websites while surfing. Therefore we’d like to take the opportunity to inform you once again, that CyberGhost replaced the old name servers. They won’t be updated anymore and be shut down completely very soon.

Does it concern you? Depends. If you haven’t changed the address of your DNS server in the past manually to one of CyberGhost’s servers, you’re good to go and don’t have to read any further. Did you instead actually do changed the name servers, please update the addresses now.

These are the old, invalid  name servers

  • ·
  • ·

These addresses need to be replaced with the following new ones as soon as possible (please note, that also a zero (‘0’) shows up, where before was none, e.g. ‘ns01’ instead ‘ns1’:

  • (Germany)
  • (Romania)
  • (USA)

If you activated the option ‚Force CyberGhost DNS Server ‘ in your client’s extended settings, you also don’t need to update the addresses. The software does it automatically for you.

Thank you!

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