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New CyberGhost client presents new rules for account openings & 1 free month CG Premium VPN!

From now on CyberGhost uses a changed procedure when opening a new account – and along with it comes a new client and a new password recovery modus.

The most important facts about the new client:

  • Overhauled setup
  • New welcome assistant, providing a new account opening procedure directly on your PC
  • No email address necessary for account opening
  • No restart necessary after installation on many systems
  • Slight changes regarding the log-in-screen
  • Some design changes regarding the main window
  • Direct serial number activation using the client
  • Alternative ports for communication, selectable at the list of networks when logging in (background is, that certain providers block the generally used port)
  • Bugfix: fixed the wrong display of the VPN IP after connecting (in case the exit IP doesn’t coincide with the communication IP of the VPN server)
  • Many more little changes and fixes

New account opening makes ‘exposure’ of a valid email address unnecessary

The most important change coming with the new CyberGhost client pertains the new way of enrollment and account opening. From now on the creation of a new account takes place straight in your client on your PC and just needs an arbitrary user name and a password. No need for neither visiting the CyberGhost homepage nor providing us with an email address anymore!

Less information when enrolling mean more anonymity for you – or at least more felt anonymity, since we never compromised any user’s identity in all the years of our existence (each email address had been anonymized and encrypted and stored strictly separated from the respective account). However, the reason we asked for your email address had been the simple fact, that we needed it for password recovery – which now will be done by the new so called PUK (Personal Unblock Key). This PUK will be generated automatically when opening an account and has to be stored very carefully by you, either as a print or as a file somewhere safe. Please note, that you are solely responsible for this data and that we can’t help you to restore a lost password in the future. Any account you can’t recover, will be lost – and with it your subscription. This procedure will be mandatory for new users, old accounts will be adjusted step by step – if you want to, as soon as you started the new client for the first time.

Future newsletter solution

New users, who want to receive information about the CyberGhost net (e.g. new server locations) or special offers (e. g. special low rates), can subscribe to our newsletter via the CyberGhost homepage for free. One also can provide us freely with a valid email address when opening a new account – and get one free month CyberGhost Premium VPN with access to all servers in return, 1 GB traffic volume included. This email address will be stored as before separately from one’s CyberGhost account and is in no way a threat to one’s real identity. Also we will never give away the address to any other company, organization, government or whatever.

What else?

We are sure, you’d like the new client and the service changes. We are aware, that the new procedure to restore an account is a lack of user friendliness, but then again, it’s a plus in anonymity. And that’s, what we all are here for, aren’t we? Anyway, if it turns out, you’d like to return to the old ways, we will do so.


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