CyberGhost users are safe from Shellshock bug

Surfing the net nowadays can be a traumatizing experience. Not nearly as traumatizing as European soldiers felt in World War I trenches, which gave birth to the naming of the recently discovered bash security leak in Linux systems (ShellShock) but uncomfortable none the less. The leak in the Unix shell seems to exist for quite a long time now, but came to public knowledge just recently – and by now it is widely and actively used. Even by ‘free time hackers’, who are usually lacking enough know-how to break into secured websites. As the discoverers of the leak stated, it is relatively easy to exploit.

Remember Heartbleed? Well, this bug is even older. You can read all about it here.

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Shellshock updates available

The good news: All important Linux distributions already rolled out updates with which the leak can be secured. Also CyberGhost stated a first (but reserved) all-clear signal. As many online publications stated yesterday and the day before, distros like Fedora, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuse published two updates – as where the second became necessary, because the first one got compromised as well. Also CyanogenMod had been secured these days, while the usual Google Android doesn’t need any update and Apple users should be a little more patient and wait some more time. But then again: Desktop users shouldn’t be all too worried anyway, because the leak is used ‚just‘ to attack web servers.

CyberGhost is safe

Here at CyberGhost we know well about this threat and already took action right after the first notice of a potential security problem with the Unix bash. We performed a series of tests and patched (just in case) all infrastructure servers. According to the tests done we haven’t been affected even on unpatched servers, but we are nonetheless wide awake, because the amount of attacks hasn’t reached its peak and every day might bring new and different challenges. Of course, we will keep you updated, if this matter unveils new facts, but until then: Be assured, you’re safe with your favorite ghost!

New Servers in 2 Locations

Update: 9 New Free CyberGhost Servers! You now have more Free servers in UK, 4 in London more precisely, and in France, 5 in Paris. We told you we’re fast :)

It’s official! We’ve added 7 more Free servers in Bucharest, Romania and 4 Premium servers in New York for a safe and private internet experience.

Feel free to try them and share your feedback with us.

proxy cg


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We’re Halfway there

20140718010215-CG_Servers_B4bAs you may know, earlier this week we started an Indiegogo campaign with the purpose of raising €100.000 from our lovely community for building the first NSA proof, #Nospyproxy ever. After just a couple of days, we’re halfway there, with our campaign featured on the first page of Indiegogo and we would have never made it without you, guys!

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We set up an Indiegogo Campaign and we need your help to raise €100000 in order to build our own data center out of NSA’s reach. CyberGhost wants to have full control over the level of security they offer and they are turning to their users and privacy enthusiasts everywhere in order to do so.

“After the recent revelation attesting that Tor has been insecure for at least 5 months, due to a group of relays that have joined the network, presumably trying to deanonymize the users, it is clear that the physical control over the nodes is also very important to keep eavesdroppers at bay. If there is a point when it becomes clear why we are building our own NSA-proof proxy nodes, then this is certainly it.”, said Robert Knapp, our friend, colleague and CEO.

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Stop Pointing Your Finger at Jennifer Lawrence and Accept You Might Be Next

This week’s incident is on everybody’s lips. You most probably know what we’re talking about, but in case you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the past couple of days, let me sum it up for you: the internet was overwhelmed by the nude photos of celebrities like Jenifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kate Uptown and at least a dozen of other female stars. Their iCloud accounts have supposedly been hacked, and while there are heated discussions and countless speculations on how it was done, the only conclusion you need to draw from this is that it can happen to you, too.

How did this happen?

It is very possible that we will never know, but here are a few possibilities:

  1. Password reset (secret questions / answers)

While sincerity is usually encouraged and makes for a valuable quality in a friend or business partner, providing the true answers to your security questions, while setting up your account, might not be the most intelligent move, especially if they’re the only thing you rely on for recovering your passwords.


Hopefully not you

2.  Phishing emails

Phishing email messages are used by hackers for stealing money or your personal information. The good news is it’s really easy to spot one if you always remember to check for bad grammar, links in text (those shalt not be clicked), and threats (ex.: your account will be deleted if you don’t reply).

3. Social engineering / RAT install / authentication

Remote Access Tools are pieces of software used to remotely access or control a computer. While it can be of great use for system administrators or that guy who always fixes your computer, it can also be used to perform key logging, screen and camera capture, file access, code execution, registry management etc.

You should verify every program before installing it on your computer by using authorized program signatures.

A few easy things you can do to make sure you won’t be next

  • Don t use  the same password for all your accounts

For all you might know, your password “qwerty”, “12345” or the ever popular “password” is working just fine for your Faceboook, Pinterest, Mail, Amazon & co.

Maybe you know better than that and use a complicated password with symbols and numbers. Congratulations! The thing is, even if that’s the case you shouldn’t use it for all your accounts because that is like giving somebody the skeleton key to your life.

It would be ideal to go through the trouble of setting up different complicated passwords for all your accounts, which in fact, it’s not hard to manage if you…

  • Use a password manager

Keepass, Lastpass 1.72  and Kaspersky Password Manager 4, are all great options, are easy to use and fast to install. 5 minutes is a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

  • Use two step verification

Most of the major sites offer this so just remember to check.

  • Turn off automatic backups

Most of the cloud based services such as Google’s accounts or iCloud automatically sync every photo you take, contact you save, app you download or website you access.While you would rather have everything in one place in case you ever lose your phone or tablet, it’s better to turn it off.

It is , in the end, about comfort versus security and we live in an age when the most valuable things we own aren’t palpable. You know what they say: Better be safe than sorry!

Do you use any other methods? Sharing is caring so let us know in the comment section below!


New CyberGhost Opera Browser Extension is FREE

We’re really in a very energetic state and we managed to launch a lot of apps and updates in a really short period of time. CyberGhost team is burning some serious steam. Thanks for all the support and motivation, Ghosties!

Today we launch the Free CyberGhost Opera Browser Extention for all privacy and anonymity fans out there. Try it out now! Click here to install it for Free.  Just hit our Power button and your IP will be changed in a second.

free proxy

Here’s what you get with our Free Opera Proxy Plugin:

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Please note that this browser plugin is not secure when accessing Flash content. For full online protection, we recommend you to install our desktop and mobile VPN solution.

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